Those 70ish girls…Learning Toddler Lingo

As we babysit our 20 month old grandson, we are trying to decipher his language. Just today I became “Gimme” adapted from Grammy and Ken has always been Poppa. So he’s Poppa and I am Gimme. His toddler talk is hilarious at times and we often can’t figure out what our grandson is saying let alone know what he means. He’s always friendly so he says, “Hiyo!” for hello. But what does “tied” and “eh ee hopper” and “daddy truck” mean? Then there’s “ride aye plane” and “tips” and “tack”. What is that kid saying? Huh!?

Did you say “trucks”?Don’t even get me started on names for his toy cars, trucks, airplanes and general toys. There are excavators, garbage trucks, tow trucks, police cars, cement trucks, and plows, loaders, and trains and more trains. He loves trains, “choo choo” and they have wheels, BIG wheels. But I wasn’t going to get started on that. Sorry.

A toddler likes to engage you immediately, and Ev is no exception. The minute you walk into a room or arrive home… get ready because the toddler has a story ready and he’s tearing into it, rearing to go and letting the words flow. Except a few words might be left out so you have to fill in the intended meaning here and there and uhhh, everywhere.

Toddler: Hiyo!!! Poppa daddy truck go. Tow truck go uh oh, scuse me, Tulu! (HINT: Tulu is the family’s big dog who is always nearby.)

Gimme: What did he say?

Poppa: I don’t know.

Toddler: Peet car! Eh hee hopper! Train, nither train ! Uh oh….

…. Toddler: (continues)Mama ooka yay yay!

Translated- Hello! Hey, Poppa, garbage trucks go. Here’s a tow truck. Excuse me, Tulu, may I get by? Police car. Helicopter! There’s a train and another train. Uh oh,Mama is at ukulele lessons. At daycare he told the caregivers about his toy garbage truck which he pronounces “daddy truck” and they kept telling Ev that his daddy did not have a truck. So our daughter explained one day to the daycare ladies that Ev calls garbage trucks “daddy trucks”! He knows his Dada doesn’t own a truck. He calls his father “Dada”. It’s so simple to make others understand. Oh, yeah, right.

And then there are the books, many many -maybe thousands! Part 2: Children’s books

The myriad of books and the toddler story about those will be coming soon. Now I need to rest up and rejuvenate myself for toddler time tomorrow. I’m exhausted after playing trucks all morning with two long walks pushing the red wagon and helping Poppa carry Ev most of the way, and laughing and changing diapers and laughing more at Ev and reading books not to mention cleaning up after him.

Pics of keeping up with a toddler –


Pushing the red wagon

Tow truck time and drinking water-

Water bottles are hilarious

Ninny is exhausted- let’s get some sleep.

Tulu needs a break, too. I am all for that.

Nightie night.