Those 70ish girls…Down on the Floor With Gimme by Valerie Halla

All it takes for a lil’ toddler guy to be happy is racing a few toy trucks, trains and cars, joyfully pushing them around on the hardwood floors at home for hours on end. Gimme, recently changed from “Grammy,” got up and down multiple times today from the floor after being told by my grandson, “Sit, Gimme!”

“Ready go, Gimme!”


Being 70ish makes it tough getting up and down but I found scooting around on the hardwood floors is pretty fun and much faster than getting up and down onto the floor each time.

“Peet car, aye plane, tow truck, train!”

They’re all out there and you gotta push them as fast and accurately as possible. If they don’t go straight and they flip over, spin out or crash, you retrieve them until they all are lined up and you’re ready to try again. It’s so simple. That’s the beauty of it. A Toddler’s innocent, joyous love of playing a game and interacting with Gimme,who is all in 100%, is all that matters. What you do is push toy cars, trucks and trains across the shiny floor, back and forth, over and over. It’s not boring to us. The sky’s the limit. We’re retired and free as a bird flying into some last sunsets, but flying just the same with weaker wings into these precious days and great memories. Our Toddler grandson has a clean slate of a life and loves this fresh new world open to any and all possibilities. He knows how to have fun, giggling and chuckling it up over this new game with simple non-rules. His fun is our fun. It’s contagious.