Those 70ish girls – Poetry Schmoetry by Valerie Halla

My cousin, MG, is a great wife, mom, grandmother, writer, blogger…geeze, auto correct wrote “booger”…and a camper, and when younger, a runner. But a talent that amazes me and shocks me is that she is also a poet. She writes lots…gobs…of touchingly funny, witty and lovely poetry. Honest.

If you have never ever read her poetry, I suggest you purchase one of her books of poetry. It will blow you off…uh…away. One I personally like is titled: A Whimsical Day. How many people use the word “whimsical”? Maybe 6? It does have a musical ring to it. Sounds better than A Musical Day. I’ll give her that. Bet you can find many poems in Rhymes For All Times that you will like. How does she do it? It all works and even better- her poetry rhymes! You will be caught up in her story, even His Story, her journey through life, her emotional experiences.

As I said earlier, she was once a dedicated runner. She ran marathons. She ran in competitions. She ran for fun. She looked super thin and fit. AND when we met last year in Rapid City for the All School Reunion later in Murdo, she looked like a svelte, fit and healthy youngish ex-runner. In short, MG looked great. How can she be a poet on top of all that? It’s not fair.

Some people just have loads of genes in their cards that make them successful. MG was dealt a good hand. Every bet she placed paid off. Almost. So I guess you’ve gathered that I am jealous of all her accomplishments. Who wouldn’t be? No, I am not jealous. Much. But we should all try to be more like her. I’m starting today. Pretend it’s yesterday. Yesterday was Mary Day. No, sorry, May Day.

Lastly, I have decided to gather my wits, whatever is left of them, and try a poem. I am dedicating this to my cousin, Queen MG, with due respect and regard for her work.


My cousin inspired me. You might know her name, MG.

My old plan was bombed and blown apart … kinda like Napoleon Bonaparte

Eating was my Waterloo, bet you’ve been there, too.

I’m trying to lose weight and right out the gate, I tried a new diet! You might wanna try it.

You just eat the same and you’re not to blame.

Hey, believe me it won’t sting, so here’s the truthful good thing:

Just eat one half of everything.


Slice it down the middle.

I’ll take half.

I bet she’ll eat all that and more.

Some of MG’s interesting books. (Btw: she did not paint that artwork on the wall, I think.)

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  1. scoper07 May 2, 2023 / 6:48 pm

    Half is good. Good job Val!!


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