Murdo Girl…The tail is always at the end

A whimsical day to think and play

I walked along a bubbling brook. The warm sun felt so nice.

I sat upon a nearby rock. The water felt like ice.

I took my shoes and socks off and stuck my toes in the cold stream.

“You’ll catch your death.” I heard someone say. Not sounding one bit mean.

I felt the slippery slimy moss and knew better than to stand,

Until I found a muddy hole where I could jump and safely land.

I saw a fish swim by. He knew I meant no harm.

I had no fishing pole or pail of minnows on my arm.

Soon the sun was setting and I knew that I must leave.

We can never know if we’ll be back, but this I must believe.

I can go anywhere I want to, but I can’t go everywhere.

I can do what you can do. Not as good, but I don’t care.

I can sing and dance and juggle balls… all at the same time.

If you try to say I can’t, you’re still a friend of mine.

I can tell stories that aren’t funny and train a dog to sit.

If you can’t keep up with all I do it’s not okay to quit.

I can make hiccups go away by drinking water upside down,

I’ve shown others how to do it and only two of them have drowned.

I can make an eggless, milkless , butterless, cake. My mother taught me how.

I think she learned to make it when they had to sell their cow.

They ate the eggs for breakfast and the butter wouldn’t churn.

Someone hid the sugar so there’d be something left to burn.

Now here’s a piece of wisdom that I’ll only say one time.

As life goes on, sometimes you’ll run into a hill to climb.

If there’s a hill to climb, don’t wait for it to shrink.

Hills don’t get smaller no matter what you think…

(You have to climb it! Don’t wait! Get started!)


Murdo Girl…Are you ready for some fun?

I collect(ed) them. Yes I did. (Out with the old)

Want to know what I’m collecting? It’s something you’ll be least expecting.

My interest started months ago. Then just began to grow and grow.

Now I see them everywhere. I don’t just look at them. I stare.

I take pictures now and then. Wish I remembered where and when.

Through the window I can see, but I can’t take them home with me.

I’ll soon pursue my, because I’m going on vacation.

I’ll find them everywhere I know. I’ll have lots of them to show.

Yes, they might have a ding or dent, but they won’t cost me one red cent.

I know you’ll think I am strange. It’s too late for me to change.

Most collections collect dust. Keep collecting if you must.

You’ll pass the dust on to your daughter? That explanation won’t hold water.

My collection will not break. If it did I’d have a lake.

I could look for hours and hours at my majestic water towers.

If a water tower you should see. Would you snap a pic for me?

If you’re sweet and send me some. Please let me know where they are from.



On with the new!

Now I’ll pull a swicheroo…and start collecting something new.

I’ll have a contest for a month. That will give you time to hunt.

Submit YOUR photographs to me. You can send me up to three

I’ll put each one on display until we’ve reached the thirtieth day.

I’ll show the winners 1-2-3 and here is what the prize will be

A little book with all submissions. If you give me your permission(s)

If you don’t place all is not lost. You can get the book at cost.

After 1-2 and 3…I’ll display them randomly.

Please spread the word around. There are many subjects to be found.

Now get out to the nearest farm and take a picture of barn.

It can be old or new. One with character will do.


Please email the photographs to or message me on facebook. I need your name, and the approximate location of the barn. You do not have to identify the owner of the barn. Let’s make this fun. Please share this blog with your Facebook friends. Everyone needs an outside project they can do alone these days. (I’ll also accept any interesting old building.) The judges will be unbiased…

I took this picture in August of 2018 near Houston, Minnesota

Murdo Girl… I am, by Judy Dykstra-Brown

I really enjoyed reading this piece written by a friend and accomplished writer who also grew up in Murdo, SD. I learned Judy Dykstra-Brown had a blog called Lifelessons, after I began blogging my stories about growing up in Murdo.

Judy’s blog covers a wide variety of subjects. I could certainly learn from her about organization. She has also written several books. If you haven’t already read Judy’s work, you’re about to discover what a talented writer she is.


Murdo Girl…Crafty

My “creations” once created laughter.

I’m now a talented crafter.

(In a moment I’ll give you a little preview.)

I decided to pursue other interests.

I learn how to do things on Pintrest.

(They have videos that walk me through what to do.)

I have a little confession.

I took an online singing lesson.

(I failed Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do.)

In the world I live in,

talent is God given.

(I think there is something God wants me to know.)

Writing is my passion.

I’m still waiting to cash in.

(I discovered a way as you will soon see.)

If my books are humdrum,

there is no income.

(I craftily turn them into things Christmassy.)

My name is Crafty.

This house is so drafty.

(I’m made from a glove instead of a book.)

When MG made me,

She performed rhinoplasty.

(She forgot that a carrot is part of my look.)

Good thing I have a lot of EXTRA books.