See Ya Soon (Day 18)

We’re back!! We have really missed sharing our traveling adventure with you.

Now then… where do I begin? I’ll start with yesterday which was the 18th day. We left Sheridan Wyoming where we had a wonderful time with Kip’s sister Karen and her husband Lynn. We got there on Tuesday after spending an action packed 3 days with Amy, Mason, Mason Jr. and Ethan. I will tell you more about that in a separate blog. We have lots of great photos as well.

Our plan was to drive to Bozeman Montana, camp there, then head South towards the Western border of Yellowstone National Park.

It was a beautiful drive. We talked about one of the many things we have learned on our adventure thus far. We decided that each of the relatives were good for 2 days of really good food. We tried to think of a relative we might visit in Idaho or Utah so we wouldn’t have to eat our own cooking for so long. We came up empty there. We were trying to decide if it would be rude to ask for leftovers to take with us next time, when we pulled into the RV Park in Bozeman. We hadn’t made a reservation, but weren’t really concerned. We had reserved spots for the beginning of the trip and with all the kids back in school, everything was pretty much wide open. It’s also difficult to know how far we’re going to make it in a day. They were full…the whole town was. Apparantly there was a big deal rock concert in town.

We headed South on 191. We didn’t really have a plan because we were too busy trying to decide whose fault it was. You have to do that when you’re married you know. We were able to see some beautiful forest and rocky bluffs. The Yellowstone river is just amazing. Then it got dark, very dark. We finally pulled into a gas station in Big Sky and asked where the closest motel was. This is a very small town, but she told us there was a motel just up the street. $150.00 later, we were in a very nice 2 bedroom suite with all of the animals except the cat who stayed in the RV.

I don’t really need to go into the lesson of the day do I? We’re going to partake of the free breakfeast, then hit the road again.

We’re drifters…and a drifter’s gotta drift…

2 thoughts on “See Ya Soon (Day 18)

  1. Pat Davis October 3, 2015 / 7:53 pm

    Glad you’re back! Have missed the updates! Love, Patt


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