See Ya Soon (Day 28)

Trader Joes
Trader Joes
Our view...beautiful park
Our view…beautiful park
My favorite ya Bill!
My favorite brother…love ya Bill!
Love ya Liz...she just got back from 3 weeks in China
Love ya Liz…she just got back from 3 weeks in China
Yummy pancakes here
Yummy pancakes here
Gus and I...I'm starting to show
Gus and I…I’m starting to show
We didn't do it, but we know who did...we won't tell, but it starts with cat!
We didn’t do it, but we know who did…we won’t tell, but it starts with cat!
Wasn't as good as Valetie's
Wasn’t as good as Valetie’s
So great to see Gus!
So great to see Gus!
Kip looks great! Selfies are not my friend
Kip and his selfies…I like my hair😉

We made it! We’re here! We hit Los Angeles and six lane freeways and didn’t stop for anything. It’s a good thing it was Sunday. There was traffic enough.

Brother Bill and Liz took us all out for a steak dinner and was it ever good. I brought everyone’s leftovers home. What I’ll do is keep them in the refrigerator for a few days then throw them out. Well, at least I didn’t go off and leave the containers on the table.

Yesterday ( Monday), Gus took Kip and I out for a pancake breakfast at a cute little cafe in LaVern. Then we went to Trader Joes, (how do you spell uh oh?) We bought crackers, fruit, cheese, and a baguette. We wanted some healthy food. The cheesecake and apple pie were excellent choices for fruit and cheese.

Bill and Liz came over and we were enjoying a relaxing day, when all of a sudden the generator started up. The two little fans mounted up by the cab also came on. Imagine our surprise…there wasn’t anyone near the cab at the time…except the cat. I guess she thought walking over all the controls was the right thing to do. She spent the rest of the day hiding.

Later, we were feeling a little hungry, so we took Gus to Marie Calendars for dinner.

With every visit we’ve had, we love the hellos, but hate the goodbyes. Today, we head to Cathedral City to see more friends, then we head for home.

The traveler’s lesson for the day is: Don’t push the river, it flows. The point is to relax and enjoy yourselves and the right things will happen.

Also, bring your fat clothes and a lot of antacids.

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  1. Valerie halla October 13, 2015 / 11:55 pm

    Thanks for the update and saying my apple pie was better than the one you bought. Have fun with your good friend and drive safely. Keep the cat away from the gas pedal. So happy you got to visit with Bill, Liz and Gus! I am trying to let the river flow.

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