See Ya Soon (Day 33 Saturday) The Grand Canyon

We arrived in Williams, AZ late Friday afternoon and it was pouring down rain. The old route 66 runs down the town’s main Street and reminders of the Highway are prevalent. Our plan was to put the dogs in the Jeep and drive up to the South rim of the Grand Canyon on Saturday. The lady who checked us in, said the forecast was for more cold rain. Since neither of us had seen the Grand Canyon, we decided to stay 2 nights and hope for the best.

To say we were blown away is an understatement. The weather was perfect. It started to rain again as we left the Grand Canyon State Park, and it’s still raining. We’re grateful for both blessings.

We met and visited with several people who were from oversees, and of course, they all wanted to pet the dogs. One couple from England said they have a dog named Cindy that looks just like our Cyndie. The only distraction we had all day was that Sammie cried the whole time. We have no idea why she was upset.

This trip continues to be unbelievable…

I’ll let the pictures do the talking!!IMG_20151017_112947_576

Pooped out puppies
Pooped out puppies



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