See Ya Soon (Day 36) Grants, NM…coming soon Sante Fe!

See Ya in Grants NM
See Ya in Grants NM

Kip reminded me this morning (Thursday) that I hadn’t talked about our one night stay in Grants, NM.

As you all know, I am in charge of finding the RV parks. I’m always a little stressed because sometimes it’s mid afternoon before we know how far we’re going to make it so we can get set up and walk the dogs before dark.

I then look at KOA parks, Good Sams approved, and the internet. I like to look at all of the websites searching for photos, which are the most telling. I also have a map in hand that shows which towns and cities have campgrounds. Then I call to make a reservation. My anxiety doesn’t go away until we pull in and see it for ourselves. I only make reservations in advance if we’re planning to stay more than one night and I know we can make it. Most parks require a deposit when you reserve.

Grants, NM proved to be a pleasant surprise. It is a KOA park in a fairly small city. The owners were so accommodating. They not only gave us fresh, homemade cookies when we arrived, but we could have purchased a turkey, pizza, or brisket dinner. We didn’t do that, but we did purchase a big slice of pie brought to our door with ice cream. Kip had peach and I had mixed berry with rhubarb. We were in camper heaven. They also had a free continental breakfast in the morning. There was a long walking trail through the black black lava rocks from previous volcanic activity.

My only regret is that I didn’t get more photos. You can do all your homework while picking a spot, but in the end luck comes into play too.

I was feeling pretty smug about my booking and navigation skills until yesterday when it took 3 times to get out of Santa Fe. I blame it on the GPS lady because it was clear she didn’t know about all the road work and detours we had to maneuver.

The lesson of the day: Don’t cast your plans in stone, it will most likely cause great anxiety. Oh, and you MUST appreciate your navigater/RV park finder, maybe even send her flowers when you get home.

What does Kip do? He only does all of the driving, he cleans the cat litter after he has hooked us up to water, sewer, and cable TV. He picks up all of the doggie dodo on all of our walks, fixes things that need fixed and the list goes on. Maybe I’ll tell him he doesn’t have to send me flowers.

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  1. Valerie halla October 23, 2015 / 11:50 pm

    Pie!? Yum! Great place to stay. Hmmm…maybe you need flowers and he needs some candy. You two work well together!

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