Bonnie Blue…part 5…existing or living

20160214_215420-1I hardly slept that night. There had to be clues that I was missing. I went over every detail I could recall, from the first time I saw the doll at Goodwill until now. Was Bonnie Blue manipulating me just for the fun of it? Was she trying to tell me something about her past? Maybe she needed my help, but why?

As the night turned into morning, I grabbed some paper and a pen. I wanted to organize all the thoughts, questions, and possible clues I had come up with. I sat cross-legged on my bed for the better part of two hours, without even so much as a cup of coffee. I was driven, and I wanted nothing to distract me.

When I had exhausted everything including myself, I laid my pen down and looked over my notes. Four things puzzled me. First, she had wept when I said, “welcome home,” right after she told me her name. This was one of very few times she had displayed any kind of emotion. Next, she had alluded to having a fairytale life. She had said life, as if she had lived not mearly existed in the form of a doll. Thirdly, the stuffed pony had appeared out of nowhere and then just as suddenly… vanished. It seemed that Bonnie Blue had been trying to draw attention to the pony. It was after it disappeared, she said she was going to ride him. The fourth and last thought I had written on my paper was indeed, the last thing she had asked of me. I was to think about a moment, no, a defining moment in my life that had changed everything.20160214_223232

Suddenly, I heard myself gasp! Next to the  last thought I had written, I had drawn a picture of a little girl sitting on a swing. She was lovely, and seemed to be very peaceful and content. She was looking at the rainbow of colors in a nearby flower garden. There was nothing about this child I recognized. I looked again, and saw beautiful curls framing her striking face. The curls were red… I sat very still, looking at my drawing. I felt slightly dazed as I laid the paper down and got up from the bed.

The pony had vanished, had Bonnie Blue gone away too?