The Story of Abby Ann…Tony


Tony was the youngest and smallest of the school children. He was barely four when he arrived at the country estate. The first thing everyone noticed about Tony was his cute little ears. He had a beautiful smile that he shared with anyone and everyone he saw. Mr. Sanders learned about the little boy when he was visiting a friend in the hospital. Tony was there to have an operation. He was born without legs and was having surgery in preparation of the first of many prostheses he would need throughout his life.

Mr. Sanders thought Tony a brave little soul to share his smile so readily in the face of such difficulty. Tony was an orphan, and was currently in the care of an Aunt who was both financially and emotionally unable to care for her nephew. Charles became the legal guardian of this exceptional little boy and Tony had all he needed in the way of love, medical attention, and safety. He was an eager student in preschool and was in the first grade when two people he had especially been devoted to failed him. 

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