Murdo Girl…What do all the isms mean?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and the little Murdo Girl would like to honor all the Mothers in her family. There are so many Moms out there who deserve to be recognized for all they do. I believe all the women who have touched a child’s life in a nurturing way deserve to be commended for the part they play. The Fathers will get their day, but this week, it’s all about the compassionate women who have been part of a child-rearing team.


There are lots of women in my family who try to help kids grow up right. They don’t even have to be a Mom. Just think about my Great Aunt Tet, who loves all the kids in town. She talks to my brother about baseball, and likes to be there when the kids come into the store before school, or the show. She knows a lot of kids, and I’m sure they will remember her for a long time to come.

Today I’m writing about my Mom


1-Loretta Gustafson's Life in Photos 009

It’s getting close to Mother’s Day, so I decided to write my paper about my Mom. If you know her very well, you know that she has a saying for everything. I will try to explain some Loretta-isms to you. I might tell you about a few more new words like “alldumb” too. Mom didn’t make “all” of these up, but if she didn’t, I’m sure they mean something different to her than to most people.

1)Mom and sisters Ella Leckey and Helen Haverberg  2) Elna Miller and Billy  3)Elna Miller, Stephanie Miller-Davis, and Helen Haverberg

  1. All the precincts aren’t in. (She doesn’t have enough information to form an opinion.) Example: “Loretta, do you think  Mrs. Blank is acting crazy?” Mom, “I’m pretty sure she is, but all the precincts aren’t in yet.”
  2. When you’ve said that, you’ve said it all. (All the precincts are in.) Example: “Loretta, Do you think Mrs. Blank is loonier than a Jaybird?” Mom, “When you’ve said that, you’ve said it all.”
  3. That’s enough about me, how did you like my last movie? (She’s switching from one topic (about her), to another topic (about her). No example needed
  4. I’ll never forget old what’s his name. (She has forgotten someone’s name, and the story is at the end of it’s run anyway.) No example needed.
  5. I can’t throw the dishwater out the door without hitting he/she in the face. (She runs into Mrs. Blank everywhere she goes; or every time she turns around, there’s Mrs. Blank.) You know, those people that give you claustrophobia.
  6. Make the story interesting, or don’t tell it. (Learn how to tell the story in an interesting way, or forget it.)
  7. We shall see what we shall see. (It’s the same thing as a definite maybe, with a little  mystery added to build excitement.) Example: “Mom, are we going to Disneyland when we go to California?” Mom says, “We shall see what we shall see.” It can also mean..we all look at things differently.
  8. If you kids don’t settle down, I’m going to come in there and clean house! (If she has to tell us one more time, there will be consequences.)
  9. Water seeks it’s own level. (If you walk like a duck, and talk like a duck, you are a duck.)
  10. You spend money like a drunken sailor…you either put it on you, or in you. (She uses this with me. I guess it means, I either buy candy or clothes.)

Mom uses herself as an example sometimes. She said when she was growing up, Grandpa would give everyone a nickel to spend when they got to go into town. Mom would buy candy and it would be gone in a minute. Her sister Ella, would buy gum, then take it home and sew across it with the sewing machine needle. It perforated the gum, so she could break it off in smaller pieces. That way she could add a piece each day, and it would last longer. (This might be an example of #6.)

11. Her eyes look like two burnt holes in a blanket. (She’s tired.)

12. Hellohowarya (a made-up word.) The man at the Graham Motor Lodge says these 4 words allruntogether, to make one word. He says it every time he sees you, and you have to slap your leg when you say it. Mom loves it!

I found out today, Mom doesn’t always know what to say. We were at the Super Value Store, and a little boy ran up to her and said, “Hi! I’m MEAN!” Mom just smiled and said, “That’s nice.” He didn’t call her a name or anything , so I guess what she said was okay.

LB: Blake Haverberg, Jeff H. Sanderson, Mark Sanderson, Mary Francis, Sue Haverberg, Bobby Haverberg F: Grandpa Sanderson, Mom, a picnic at Horse Creek, where The family lived until Mom was 11


Mom gives me lots of advice too. She says when you reach a certain age, you have to decide if you’re too plump or too thin. You have to decide between your face and your figure. She says she chose her face and sits down a lot. (If your face is too thin, all the wrinkles show.)

MOM..I’m facing the sun here, or Aunt Irma’s got her movie camera with the bright lights on!


12 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…What do all the isms mean?

  1. countrygirl57 May 2, 2016 / 8:11 pm

    I’ve never heard of #11, but I think I could have described myself a few times like that!!😊

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. sanjuan831 May 2, 2016 / 8:17 pm

    How beautiful that you honored and remembered your Mom this way. Loved it. We should all tell a story about her!


  3. Teresa Palmer May 2, 2016 / 8:33 pm

    Now there were some goodies here! Loved #1 & 8- I think my mom was going to ” clean house” on us many times! I never got too worried. And the gum and sewing it-how original…but strange! 😂


  4. lifelessons May 4, 2016 / 9:11 pm

    I loved Tet. Guess everyone did. Do you have a photo of her?? I can’t remember exactly what she looked like, but I remember she lived over the store.


    • Mary Francis McNinch May 4, 2016 / 9:30 pm

      Did you get the photos of the inside of the store? I emailed…if I have the correct address, I’ll send one of Tet.


      • lifelessons May 4, 2016 / 10:52 pm

        Let me look in junk mail, Mary.


      • lifelessons May 4, 2016 / 11:00 pm

        Mary, I didn’t get them. Can you tell me when you sent them and either what your email address is or what was in the subject bar so I can search for them? I’d love to see them and Tet!


      • lifelessons May 5, 2016 / 6:20 pm

        I did get them, Mary… Left a message on your blog. Thanks so much. Do you think they changed it after this as I remember it as a bit different…It looks much larger in the photo than it actually was, don’t you think?


  5. Mary Francis McNinch May 5, 2016 / 6:36 pm

    Yes..It may have even been during the time the Burnham’s owned it. I’m still checking. Wayne Esmay shared it with me. I’ll send you a picture of Aunt Tet too.


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