Murdo Girl…We can work it out

Well, Dad really cramped my style, when he took away my freedom to use the sales tax can money. I needed some cash twice yesterday. I asked Mom the first time and I got 10 dimes. Dad wasn’t home, so I had to ask Mom the 2nd time too. This time I got 15 nickels. I could see a bunch of pennies in my future.


The next day when I asked Dad for money to go to the show, he said, “When you were about 5, you said you were thirsty for gum, and I gave you a quarter. You said you wanted folding money.” Then, he told me about the time Billy saved his money to buy Dad a Christmas present. He was trying really hard not to tell Dad what he got him. Anyway, Billy said, “I’m not going to tell you what I got you for Christmas Dad, but you’re not going to need to use that old knife anymore.” (I think Billy was about 22 then.)

By the time I’d listened to all that, I decided it wasn’t worth it. I was just going to have to get a job. I would have done the towel job, but the Motel was still closed for the winter.

I thought about it, and a few ideas came to mind. Mom washes all Dad’s shirts, but she has a little old lady across town iron them. Well, everytime we go get them, Mom has to re-iron them. She doesn’t want to make the ironing lady feel bad so she keeps taking them over there. She has to leave them for 4 days, then she drives over there, picks up the shirts, brings them home, and irons them again.

I asked Mom if she would pay me to do the re-ironing. We soon came to an agreement. There are usually 7 shirts a week, and Mom is going to pay me  $.25 a shirt. That’s a good start, but I need more than $1.75 a week. Maybe Dad will feel sorry for me and wear more shirts.

82d83e6909c7a262c9eb53ed15e28f9fCynthia Bork barters. She loves green olives. She usually gets quite a few jars for Christmas, but it’s never enough to last her all year. She goes around the neighborhood asking people if they have a jar of green olives. If they do, she does their dishes or mops the floor for olives. She does quite a bit of work for my Aunt Elna. That sounds like a good idea, but I don’t like any particular kind of food enough to work for it. It reminds me of Wimpy in the Popeye cartoon…”I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Besides, I need cash.

Mom went to Pierre today and she said she would buy me something. Have you seen those new poor boy dresses? I really want one. The top part is ribbed knit, and goes down to your hips, then it’s a skirt. The ones I’ve seen have a wide belt that goes around your hips. You can also get a hipster skirt with a wide belt. I hope Mom brings me one.

This is a poor boy dress

Mom got me a poor boy dress. Marlene was here when she gave it to me. It was a poor boy dress like in the picture, except it was purple with BIG touqouise polka dots all over the skirt part.  Marlene said, “Eeeeeew! “You’re not going to wear that are you?”

Even if I liked it, which I don’t, I couldn’t wear it after Marlene said that! Then Marlene went over to my closet and pulled out these very ugly shoes. “I know,”she said. “You can wear it with these turquoise shoes.”

When Mom and Dad went to California, and I stayed with Marlene for a month, Mom bought us each a pair of suede shoes with fur on them. They had little heels and no back. I know what you’re thinking, and no, they weren’t even bedroom slippers. I got the turquoise and Marlene got hot pink. Marlene kind of liked hers, but they were too small. Unfortunately, mine fit me.

See what I mean? I need my own money, so I can buy my own clothes!



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Today, (May 6th), is Mom’s birthday…Billy, Mom, Mason (1 of my kids), and Gus

Many of you Murdo folks know Gus. He and Mom were married for 38 years, before she died in 2008. He is a wonderful man. We are all so grateful for him and love him very, very much. He’s living in Ontario California. Bill goes to the horse races with him every Saturday. Gus usually comes to Texas for Thanksgiving, and we go out there when we can.

Mom always said she lied about her age so much, her kids finally got older than she was.


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  1. Valerie Halla May 7, 2016 / 9:33 am

    Great picture of you all. Gus is an amazing man and was happy you wrote about him here. Bless him for all he has done!

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