Murdo Girl…The alumni tells all


A rare look inside the Harold Thune Auditorium. It looks like they weren’t expecting very many people..hmm

Hi, I’m Yram Sicnarf and I have finally pulled together some highlights from interviews I snagged at the recent All School Reunion in Murdo. You may have seen me, but didn’t know it. I showed up in several different disguises. A crack up reporter like myself has to be creative so as not to alarm the interviewees.

Judy Dykstra Brown talking candidly with a disguised Yram Sicnarf

First on board was Judy Dykstra Brown. Judy is a well known blogger, published author, and poet. I asked her to give me some dir..I mean share her knowledge about a Murdoite. The following is a synopsis of what she said.

Once your uncle Jeff Sanderson “bought” me at an MYF slave auction. Irma had been gone and was coming home the next day and I think Jeff was panicked that the house would be in disarray. As I recall, he told me to sweep, mop and dust, but then he left Mark in charge while he went back up to the store. Well, Mark took the term “slave” literally. He wanted me to clean his room, wash clothes–even iron. I told him I was just supposed to do what his dad told me to do and continued cleaning.

Meanwhile, he went out and snooped around in my car and found a pack of cigarettes under the car seat. Lynn, Rita, Sheila and I used to drive around on Sundays and smoke… but my folks of course did not know this. So, he came in with the cigarettes and blackmailed me into doing whatever he wanted me to do or he’d tell my folks! He was not very old when this happened. I can tattle, too!!! I have a few Murdo stories on my blog as well..Pretty soon we’ll have all the secrets dug up.

1-Judy dancing
This is Judy back when she smoked

A side note as told to Yram Sicnarf by Murdo Girl….

Remember my story about the time my Dad took my cousin Mark and me to a bingo fundraiser uptown? Dad paid for us to play a bunch of games. Eventually Mark won an ashtray. He told Dad he would have given it to him, but he won it on a free game.

This is Mark at about the time he pulled  his stunts. Looks innocent doesn’t he?

Well, he must have been tormented by it for all these years, because when Val and I went to see him, he left the room and came back with the ashtray. He said he was trying to get rid of some junk, but I could tell by the way his voice quivered that he was overcome with guilt. We were only 7 at the time, so that was 57 years ago. Now, I have a 57 year old ashtray.

I don’t smoke. Mark should have given this to Judy

Another Note…as told to Yram Sicnarf by Murdo Girl

Murdo girl was an MYF slave too. I always made sure The Lindquists bought me. We usually went swimming, or shopping. They like slumber parties too. They love Murdo Girl!

Hi Karen, Tammy, and Kim ..Love the sign

I have to go now. Don’t miss tomorrows interviews with“The Old and the Restless”, or is it “The Bold and the Passable?” Wait! “The Old and the Bold”

All they had to do was carry the sign. 

I think this is my favorite disguise
The Queen doing her imitation of Mrs. Peters

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  1. Valerie Halla July 25, 2016 / 9:35 am

    Getting a lot of mileage with that crown. Can you please take pictures of that banner above your fireplace and where you display the ashtray?

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  2. lifelessons July 25, 2016 / 5:54 am

    I thought your disguise was the queen disguised as you!!! She could use a bit of sillying up and I think the spiral pom pom looks good on her, er you. I guess it’s too late to tell Mark’s folks that when I clean out his playhouse, I found a pack of cigarettes under his toybox! Along with an ugly square ashtray with flowers on it! (Okay, that’s a lie, Irma!!!!)

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  3. countrygirl57 July 24, 2016 / 10:10 pm

    I love your disguise! Is that your kitty wrapped around your head??😊😊

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  4. scoper07 July 24, 2016 / 10:04 pm

    Now I’m paranoid. I can’t remember what I said to Yram. I noticed she wasn’t taking notes so I may be safe. I enjoyed being a minion during the parade though. Maybe that will earn me some points with MG. Great post Murdo Girl. Can’t wait for the rest of the story.

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