Murdo Girl…On the road..Williams, Sedona, and Camp Verde, AZ

We have been in a cyber vortex for the last several days and I’ve been unable to upload any photos to the blog. We have seen and done so much in the Sedona, Camp Verde area, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect for the enjoyment of the beautiful outdoors. I hate getting behind because I want to share it all with you as we experience this time on the road. We’re in Flagstaff today, so while I have Internet access  I am going to publish this with what I have.

Our next stop was Williams, Arizona. It’s less than a day’s drive from Lake Havasu. We were there on our trip last year and really liked the little town. It’s only about an hour drive from the South rim of the Grand Canyon. We decided not to go see the canyon again this year, so we spent Monday and Tuesday just hanging out. We found a great place to let the dogs run and we averaged 12,000 steps a day ourselves. (That’s according to our Garmin Vivofit watches.)

In the town of Williams, it’s all about the old Route 66. The downtown area is a lot of fun. Old cars and shops with Rt. 66 memorabilia are everywhere. We wanted to find a local cafe that served a good breakfast. We hit the jackpot with Goldie’s Rt. 66 Diner on Main St. 

Kip enjoyed a light snack and I had a delish omelet. As we were leaving, I found another new friend at Goldie’s. Like Val’s fisherman at the fish market in Oregan, this guy “wood” not say much. Betty Boop was there too. I’ve been told I resemble Betty…maybe when she was younger. Smile Betty!

Wednesday morning we headed for Flagstaff, Sedona, and Camp Verde. We decided to find an RV Park central to all the attractions we wanted to see. We drove to Sedona via Oak Creek Canyon and what a delight that turned out to be. Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland. We round a corner or top a hill and see a new and different landscape before us.

Once we were through the canyon, we stopped at an RV park and found it was full. The people gave us directions to another park in Camp Verde, which is where we are now. None of the park people could believe Kip had driven a big RV towing a Jeep on that steep and winding road. He’s a good driver and he wasn’t the least bit nervous. I did my best to help him stay calm. I suggested that if he had to choose between barreling down a ravine or hitting a rock formation, he should hit the rock. 

Here are a few pictures from Wednesday and Thursday. We are completely impressed with Northern Arizona.



We are in a beautiful RV park, but the Internet is very weak. It has taken me three evenings to get this much written. 


This is Montezuma’s Castle National Monument. It shows how the Southern Sinagua Indians lived as cliff dwellers for centuries in the Verde Valley. They were farmers and grew corn, beans, squash and cotton. This dwelling dates back to 1150. It’s 100 feet above the valley and is one of the most well-preserved cliff dwellings in North America.

Tuzigoot National Monument  

Approximately 800 years ago, this Sinagua pueblo was home to the Native American population  living in the area. The site is comprised of 42 beautiful acres.The pueblo structures  once had roofs made of Sycamore tree branches, mud, and straw. The door was in the roof which also doubled as a chimney. 

The top picture is my favorite. Just look at all the colors, textures, and dimensions.


Flagstaff..the best $12 cheeseburger Kip has ever eaten.

Been looking for a hat since we left home. This one is handmade of sea grass. What do you think?

I will close out this post with a pic I took of the water tower next to Desert Drums RV Park where we are staying.

See Ya Soon

Murdo Girl…On the road…Follow the GPS until it says, “Walk from here.”

Today we moved from Cattail Cove State Park near Lake Havasu to Williams, AZ on the old Route 66.

We drove over Parker Dam

Here is what the RV looks like when the slide outs are in. We still have enough room to maneuver. We often pull into a rest area, make some lunch, and walk the dogs. We were so lucky to find this gently used RV at about 1/3 the cost of a new one. Kip has fixed everything that needed fixing.

Some of us weren’t too impressed with the move. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. We’re going to start the day by finding a good old-fashioned Route 66 Cafe. Kip is hoping for another “big as a hubcap” cinnamon roll.

(The unimpressed)

Goodbye Lake HavasuGoodbye Cattail Cove…Goodbye Pumas.

Wake us up when we get there.

Wakey, wakey, we’re here!


My human has his coat onIt looks cold in Williams, Az..I thought we didn’t like cold weather.

We didn’t have to wear our leashes at Cattail Cove…We don’t like leashes…It’s getting dark…It’s cold and dark here.


“Kip..did you hear me? I can’t get a signal. How many bars do you have? Is that a cell tower on top of that rock formation? Wait! I have to tie my shoe laces…”


I had to show you a couple of “accidental ” videos. The first one happened when I got out of the jeep to get a better picture of a wild burrow. He started walking toward me and I panicked.



This video doesn’t exist

This one I call, “Shut up and take the picture Kip,” or, “Enough about me. How’d you like my last movie?” Valerie is flipping her hair, and I have a frozen silly grin.

This video doesn’t exist

(I had to open them twice before they played.)



Murdo Girl…Tips on hiking with someone who has recently had back surgery


As most of you know, Kip had major back surgery in June. He wants to hike this morning, so I’ve decided to humor him by agreeing to accompany him on what should be a short walk.

TIPS 1-6

1) Let the patient take the lead. That way, they will automatically set the pace they are comfortable would probably go at a much faster pace.

Good a nice little walk. Oh, there’s stairs. Okay..See, I’m staying a little behind on purpose.

Slow down a bit Sammie and Pattie..You shouldn’t strain on your leashes. Oh shoot, “KIP, I HAVE TO TIE MY SHOE!” See he needed a break.

2) Always wear shoes with laces

“I see you! I just stopped to take a picture of this pretty plant.”

3) Always be the designated picture taker.


” I think I heard a snake. Are there snakes up there? Did you see that cave? Pumas hide in caves. 

Puma Cave

4) Be sure and stay back far enough in case a Puma flies out of a cave. That way he can’t get both of you, and I can run for help.


I’m pretty sure that’s a mirage. I’m really thirsty. Maybe it’s the Blue Lagoon.

“I’ll just wait here until you turn around! My knee is really bothering me…and my allergies are too. I have a headache!”

I accidentally let go of Sammie and Pattie’s leashes. Oh well, they like to run free.

5) Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everybody has an injury flare up. Just look at poor Kip. He just had major back surgery. I can’t see him. I hope he’s okay.

“What are you looking at me for? I typed on your blog for a while, then I took a little cat nap.”

6) Just keep telling yourself. “The cat is fat! The cat is fat.”


We’re having pork chops. Murdo Girl is resting



Murdo Girl…On the 28..London Bridge..Lake Havasu, AZ

I somehow got off on my days. I just counted them on a calendar and we left Mabank, TX 28 days ago. In some ways it has flown by, but in other ways it seems like a long time has passed since we spent that first night in Snyder, TX.  I guess it must feel that way because we have done so much. I have resolved to remain in a state of gratitude and appreciation. I have a lot of those “pinch myself” moments. Are we really experiencing all of this fun, or are we dreaming?


Today we saw London Bridge. We walked around and took pictures for a while and enjoyed the beautiful day. The dogs drew a lot of attention. By the way, taking animals with you is a great way to make new  acquaintances. We stopped and found a bench overlooking the channel and under a shade tree. It was fun to sit and watch all the pricey boats go by. The dogs were enjoying all the people who stopped to make a fuss over them. One nice gentleman stopped and talked with us 15 minutes or so, and told us the history of the bridge.

The London Bridge when it spanned The River Thames.

It was built in the 1830’s and formerly spanned the River Thames in London, England. Back in 1967, London decided to sell the historical bridge. They wanted to replace it because it was sinking. It hadn’t been built to withstand heavy 20th century traffic. The bridge was sold in 1968 to the founder of Lake Havasu City for $2,460,000. It cost another $1.2 million to dismantle it brick by brick and ship it here. The reconstruction was completed in 1971.

Bomb and bullet shrapnel fragments are still lodged in the bridge from when the Germans were bombing the dickens out of London every night during WWII. England wouldn’t sell the bridge to be reassembled in Lake Havasu City, unless it was over water, so there is a man-made channel which is fed by the Colorado River. The river also feeds the very large Lake Havasu.

We really enjoyed talking with this man. He said he owns a couple of houses in Lake Havasu City, but he only spends six months out of the year here. I asked him where he spends the other six months. He said, “Oh, I’m from South Dakota. I have a farm in the Northeastern part near the Minnesota border.”

I know Kip was grateful I didn’t launch into my excited Murdo Girl diatribe. We did talk some about living in good old SD though. It’s a small world. When we got back to the RV park, we heard the group next to us yelling, “Hi, Hi!” It was two families with little girls who had stopped to pet the dogs while we were sitting under the bridge having lunch. We hadn’t yet run into each other at the park, which is one of many around the massive Lake Havasu.


This was the view from our bench.


Below are photos of Lake Havasu..They were having a gathering of model ski-plane flyers. They flew the planes a long way up, then brought them down into the water on the skis. It was entertaining to watch them maneuver the models so skillfully.


I’m about to feed my three dogs an ice cream cone

We like ice cream

We need another one

I talked Kip into spending another day here. I want to take more pictures of the RV park, and it will be fun to do some relaxing. We’ll take the puppy dogs on a couple of long walks. They have their very own beach and trail.

Cat Tail State Park. The most reasonably priced place we’ve stayed on the whole trip so far….

And the most beautiful



Murdo Girl…On the road..days 22, 23..Palm Springs, and Cathedral City, CA

We spent a couple of fun days with our good friends JoAnne Ferguson, her daughter LeAnn, and son Mike. Thirty years ago, we all lived in Casper, Wyoming. It’s so great when you see an old friend that you don’t get to see very often, and it’s  just like it was yesterday.

The photo below was taken after breakfast at Rick’s Restaurant and Bakery in Palm Springs. Kip was looking for a place with good cinnamon rolls. The one pictured was big and delicious! It took him two days to eat it.

The bottom picture shows the view we enjoyed from our RV site.


The Tram to the top of Mt. San Jacinto

We got off the tram at the top of Mt. San Jacinto and walked around to the different view sites. It was exhilarating and beautiful. The temperature at the top was about 20 degrees colder than down below. That’s why Kip and I are wearing our “now much in demand” Wal-Mart sweatshirts. We heard they are flying off the shelves. Queen Val asked me if we got the same color on purpose…probably.

The top pics were taken at a place in Cathedral City  where we took the dogs to let them run. If you’re able to open the one on the left, you will see a Coyote running across the area that resembles a spillway.

The beautiful lady is JoAnne holding Lexi. The not so beautiful legs are Kip’s.. Top right..Kip is disconnecting everything. He has a lot of hoses and cords to deal with. I get the inside ready to go, and we both hook-up the Jeep we tow behind.

This morning we stopped and walked along the Salton Sea. It has seven times more salt in it than The Great Salt Lake. Cyndie had fun chasing seagulls. We made a quick sandwich for lunch and we were off.

Our destination is a campground at Cat Tail State Park near Lake Havasu. Below are the incredible things we have seen on the way.

Above is Frank Sinatra Ave., a grove of palm trees, and a vineyard. We also saw miles of lemon and grapefruit trees.

The old Bridge reaches over the Colorado River. We’re near Parker, AZ.

We’re getting close to the park and just in time. The picture on the bottom right shows the shadows are getting long, and darkness will come quickly. Tomorrow we explore Lake Havasu and London Bridge. 


Murdo Girl…On the road..days 21, 22..80 miles down the road

Our plan for Sunday was to have a cookout at the RV park. Billy, Liz, their daughter Erin, and Gus were all coming at 3:00 pm. That morning we decided to take the dogs to a huge fenced dog park Kip found the day before. The dogs loved running all over chasing each other. There were balls and toys laying all around in the grass. The park even had several water spigots with bowls underneath. It takes a lot to impress our pampered pets, but they think leashless is the way to go.

Come back in an hour. I smell a rat.

By the time we left to go to the store and pick up food for the picnic, the temperature had dropped, and it was sprinkling. Kip cooked the burgers outside on the grill, but we gathered inside to eat. Gus brought my favorite New York style cheesecake from Trader Joe’s for dessert. It wasn’t too crowded for the people and animals, but we had to balance dishes and food on limited RV counter space. It was still fun.

After dinner, the guys started watching the Cowboy game. I gave Liz their copy of the Sanderson DVDs, and she and Erin wanted to watch them. We won out. Can you believe it? The guys looked like they were in severe pain, but they let us watch most of the 2 hours. Poor Gus and Kip had to watch it all for the second time. Billy kept asking when he would see the young Queen Mary riding in a wagon pulled by her horse Governor. You know the scene where she wore a tinfoil crown and sat in a folding chair in the wagon, AND.. she wore her Kitty Reynolds red formal.

Strange, but he expressed disappointment that it went by too fast. Maybe I overdid the build up some, but he can always watch it again on his own. That’s the beauty of recorded memories.

Me with my beautiful niece Erin. Gus brought Brussel sprouts. I didn’t know they were grown on a stalk.

 I love family get-togethers..Billy and Gus…Liz, Erin, Billy and Kip.

Goodbye Pomona KOA..On to Cathedral City!

Kip knew I was missing my Queendom and found this crowned mask at a thrift store where our friend JoAnne volunteers. I love it!

  • I’m going to post this with a promise to catch up soon. We’re getting ready to go for a tram ride up to the top of beautiful Mt. SAN JACINTOoooo.

  • You are such a brave Jones County soul Murdo Girl. (I read the article Sherri sent about the birth of Jones County.) I’m not doing that!