Murdo Girl…A royal mess


Hello all.. my name is Faye. I’m writing MG’s post today.

Though you can’t tell by the way I look, I’m a chef who doesn’t cook.

I don’t dust or run the sweeper, other than that, I’m a good housekeeper.

I’ve never washed a dirty window, or had a mop or bucket in tow.

I don’t bother the webs spiders make. On birthdays I go buy the cake.

Dirty dishes I just toss. Queen Murdo Girl is my boss.

To her nothing is a travesty, as long as I say “Her Majesty.”

Just last week I threw a fit! As a matter of fact I almost quit!

You should see what she brought home. A funny looking dog she calls Jerome.

Jerome was frightened by what I said, and scurried to hide beneath the bed.


“Please stay Faye!” Murdo Girl pleaded. (She knows how much I’m needed.)

I’ll bet that poor, scared puppy cowers, when she brings home water towers.

I guess the worst thing that can happen is he might wake me when I’m nappin.

I suppose I can play it by ear, but if he sheds I’m out of here.

I’ve now decided he’s okay, so if she wants him he can stay


Hm! It seems I’m the only one in town, who doesn’t have a royal crown.

That won’t do and I forsee, that crown he wears will just fit me.


Whatever he has seen or heard, I know he won’t say a word.

I know what pleases Queens and Kings. I give them lots of bones and Bings.





6 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…A royal mess

  1. scoper07 January 23, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    As always, I enjoy your poetry and creativity. Very nice
    Piece MG!!


  2. Mari Jackson January 22, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    You are so creative and with your humor, you bring smiles! Faye is my kind of girl!

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