Murdo Girl…Murdo is the friendliest town

A few weeks ago my brother Billy and our 2nd father Gus, drove to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the annual Jones County reunion. Billy went last year and enjoyed it so much, he wanted Gus to make the trip with him this year. They knew I would be anxious to hear all about it, so they called me on their way home. Don’t tell him I said this, but Billy’s memory is either extremely good or he knows a lot about the things he makes up.


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The Arizona reunion is not a high school reunion like the one in Murdo. It’s a gathering of folks who lived in Jones County and moved to Arizona when they retired. I understand all of the name tags say, “I don’t remember your name either.” I’m sure the burning question on everybody’s mind when they get there is, “How far away is the bathroom?” I’m only kidding of course. I’m the one who still thinks and writes like an eight year old. I’m really 65 you know. I tell Kip all the time that I’m still very beautiful. You just have to read between the lines.

I spent some time in Arizona in the early 80’s. I lived in Denver and worked for a company that insured real estate loans. Arizona was my territory and I spent a few days there every quarter. The joke below, is no joke!


Patti Dykstra Arnieri made this comment about the Phoenix reunion.”We told a million stories,” she said. “Some of them might even be true.”


Billy talked about everyone they saw and what he could remember about each person. It was a good idea for him to take Gus with him, because between the two of them they remembered quite a bit. Before he hung up, Billy said he really wanted me to call Belva Anderson and ask her to tell me the story about Murdo being the friendliest town ever. It’s a great story!

Murdo..The Friendliest Town

Some hiking buddies of Chris and Belva’s moved from Minnesota to Spearfish, SD. They had heard so much about Dave Geisler’s Pioneer Auto Museum, they decided to drive to Murdo and attend one of Dave’s car shows.

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They checked into one of the local motels where they planned to stay for the three day event. Everything was going along just fine and they were having a great time, until the next morning when the husband discovered he had neglected to pack his underwear. His sweet wife walked uptown and began looking for a store that sold men’s underwear. She went up and down both sides of the main drag, and was having no luck at all. She finally saw a lady standing in front of one of the stores and approached her to see if she could help her locate a place that sold men’s underwear.

South end Of Main St.

The lady of course told her what everyone from Murdo knows. There are no stores in Murdo that sell men’s underwear. Seeing the poor tourist’s look of disappointment, she said, “What size does he wear? Maybe I could go home and get some of my husband’s underwear for him.”

I don’t know how the awkward situation got resolved, but Belva said every time Murdo is mentioned when they’re with their hiking friends, the lady always says, “Yes, that Murdo has to be the friendliest town I’ve ever visited!”

I was dying to know who the helpful Murdo lady was, but Belva said her friend described her as being of medium height and she had brown hair. That didn’t help narrow it down much. Can you just picture her going home and rummaging through her husband’s underwear drawer and telling him she needed a pair for a tourist who didn’t have his underwear with him?

I think that story might top any of the funny experiences we had while we owned the Chalet Motel. Well, any I can remember anyway. You might ask Gus.

I’m sure Gus and Billy could have told the story much better, but I’m the one with the blog.


Mable or May?

It’s been a long day and Kip just said, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” That used to mean it was time to relax with a cold beer. Now it means dinner is ready.


The Way They Were

The Way They Are Now


I told Billy that I’m going with Gus and him to the Arizona reunion next year. I live in Texas, but very few Jones County people retire here. When I went to the Murdo all school reunion last summer, they still remembered who my parents were. I realize that five years from now, that most likely won’t be the case, but as long as we get to ride in the parade, queen cousin Valerie and I will be there. Billy can drive us around in Dave Geisler’s red convertible.




7 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Murdo is the friendliest town

  1. sanjuan831 March 17, 2017 / 7:05 pm

    Love it all! Murdo people would give you their underwear and help with anything else you needed. Wonderful story. Plus, I agree. You should go to the next Arizona reunion for Jones County exes.


    • micheal penticoff March 18, 2017 / 12:21 pm

      From Mick – the Jones County get-together is schedule for February 8, 2018. Billy will ask you what the date is several times, so keep it handy

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mary Francis McNinch March 18, 2017 / 1:51 pm

        Thanks Mick. I’ll keep it handy, and I’ll look forward to seeing you all there!


  2. Mari Jackson March 18, 2017 / 2:25 pm

    As a “newby” to the group, I can certainly say that I wholeheartedly agree that Murdo IS the friendliest town! I also agree with SanJuan that you need to attend the Jones Reunion in Arizona, you will have a wonderful time, MG!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sanjuan831 August 28, 2018 / 4:42 pm

    Reruns are the most fun! Thanks again. Murdo is the best!


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