Murdo Girl…Too thin?

They say

I know what they say…I spread myself too thin

They say I should finish what I labored to begin

When I start another, they say I won’t complete it

The ones that always say this, hardly ever read it

They say they aren’t just speaking of all the things I’m writing

What about the water towers, and the Angels I keep sighting

They say I have too many crowns to sit on my thick head

You only wear one at a time? That’s not what Queen E. said

They say the rabbits in my house keep on multiplying

Now it’s new clothes for them they say I keep on buying

Speaking of old things, of which we were not

They say this is another thing of which I am besot

They say I should stop buying things..they want me to confess

I spend far too much money at the Goodwill store no less

They say they’re grateful I’ve dropped one thing from my life

I forgot until they said this, I never mention Barney Fife.

They say they’ve noticed all the dolls I have been collecting

They say they know I sneak them in when no one is suspecting

They say I’ve lost the battle, and the war they too will win

But Mom always said… You can’t be too rich or too thin.



1-20170330_210447 (1)
Okay..I bought them each one new outfit for the book signing…so sue me!!