Murdo Girl…Dilemmas

Kip mentioned several week ago that our house was dirty. I told him I would take a look at it the first chance I got. I had a little bit of extra time yesterday, so I looked at it. He was actually being generous when he said it needed to be cleaned. By the way, he is not being chauvinistic, he works circles around me…makes me dizzy and we all know I don’t need that.

You know your house is dirty when you have to vacuum absolutely everything. I’m talking about the things that need dusting. I needed to vacuum before I could dust. I couldn’t do that yesterday because low and behold…my last vacuum cleaner bag was full, which meant I had to go to Walmart, who didn’t have them, and then to Lowe’s who didn’t have them either. When I came home bag-less, Kip got online and ordered some. I told him I really couldn’t clean until July the 3rd when the bags get here. Since the 3rd is the eve of the 4th of July, I will probably wait until Wednesday, unless I’m too tired from the holiday. We don’t have any big plans so it should all work out…Hold on a sec…Queen E is here.


I’m Here to celebrate the 4th of July!!”

“Oookay? I see you brought some fireworks with you. That’s an ewe & awe hat if I ever saw one.”

Anyway, while I was out looking for bags, I went to three different stores to find a mandolin food slicer. I forgot to look at Walmart while I was there, and I didn’t want to go back because it’s on the other side of town and the traffic here is terrible. Everyone is playing on the lake this week-end. I also went to Goodwill which depressed me, so after three hours, I came home with nothing…What’s your question Queen E?


“What is it you blokes celebrate on the 4th of July??”

“Have you not heard of the Revolutionary war? It broke out in April 1775, but at the time, not many colonists desired complete independence from”Great Britain,” and those who did were considered radical…but, by the middle of the following year, many more colonists had come to favor independence, because of growing hostility against Britain and the spread of revolutionary sentiments such as those expressed in the bestselling pamphlet “Common Sense.”

Like I was saying…The reason Goodwill depressed me is because the last three or four times I have been there, I couldn’t find anything to buy. I have so many clothes now I’ll never be able to wear them all. It seems like such a waste to take them back to Goodwill and donate them.  I must have at least $150.00 tied up in all that stuff, and I have purchased every bunny rabbit, Angel and doll (both ceramic and stuffed), I can fit into my house. It’s not good to start collecting things when you’re sixty-five  nearing retirement and have already downsized.

We don’t need anything for the RV, because Kip has the same problem I do, and he’s already loaded it up with stuff. The first time we took it out, we had to go to a big rig truck stop and weigh it. We were 900 pounds over, so we had to get rid of some things we decided we wouldn’t be using that much. I don’t remember now what we got rid of, but I haven’t wished we still had something we donated to the church garage sale, so we must not have needed it…. I’m really sorry, she just keeps talking.


“What’s that you say? I’m not the Queen of America?”

I’m going to try to ignore her. Speaking of the church garage sale. I bought a really cute summer cloth bag that a friend of mine made. She made several to donate to the Country Store fundraiser. When I walked into Lowe’s yesterday, a male employee… kind of a big guy, came over to me and said, “I just love your Vera Wang. I was thinking today, I should have sold it to him for $100.00, but that wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. Barbara, if you are reading this, I would never part with my Vera Wang bag. I have washed it three times and it still looks great!

Even though I couldn’t vacuum or dust, I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing. I beat Kip to the punch. He mentioned the other day that I should take the bed out of the guest room, because I had so much of my blog story stuff around, the bed just took up space. Of course we can’t do that because Gus, Val, and a few others sometimes come to visit. I hope they like Beasterhops. I know you do Val.


I know there’s a bunch of water towers I haven’t named yet around here somewhere. Where did Queen E go?


“She left with Lav”

Uh, Oh…something tells me I’m going to get a nasty letter, and I’m such a sucker for George. When the Queen finds out that George Washington was the first President of the good old USA, they’ll probably change his name.


“Come with us Queen E. What you need is a new crown hat.”



6 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Dilemmas

  1. scoper07 July 2, 2017 / 6:42 am

    When our vacuum bag is full, I just use the Shop Vac. It does a good enough job for me. I use my
    Portable air compressor to dust so I dust first, then vacuum.

    As far as your spare bedroom goes, have Kip make queen sized bunk beds. That’ll give you lots more room.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch July 2, 2017 / 6:51 am

      I love the air compressor idea. Kip could dust and I could vac. The can of air I use on my keyboard might work for hard to reach dust balls. Yhx 07

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  2. lifelessons July 1, 2017 / 10:40 pm

    You need to start making retablos out of your leftover blog props and then you could call your spare room a studio and you’d have a perfect excuse for all your stuff. Everything is semantics, Ms. Mary!!

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  3. sanjuan831 July 1, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    I knew I recognized that lady with my friends and me in the picture by the big bouquet!
    When I visit again, will my guest bed be cleared off and the knick knacks be dusted? I can sleep on one side of the bed and help dust.

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