Murdo Girl…A Rodeo?

It’s the morning after the big Hoedown Throwdown, and things have finally settled down a bit. Most of the cast and crew ended up tubing on the White River.  Only the animals had sense enough to go to bed.

Sissy was a real trooper. She went through three water falls without dropping her cake.


Lav Got a little carried away with her “no hands” and grounded herself on a big rock. “Ouch!”


Who is that with TC? I know I’ve seen that cake somewhere before.  Swim TC, SWIM!! Throw her a net please!


Well, that was last night. The sheriff finally came and told them to hightail it back to their remodeled on the inside mansion and eat mashed potatoes.

Well, It’s hard to believe the movie is finally in the can. Yup…We picked up all the pieces that ended up on the cutting room floor and threw them in the can. Believe me when I say it was a very big trash can. I won’t show you the movie, but I will let you read the script for the final scene of, “Take 2.”

The scene begins with Dr. Longhorn and Dr. Howliday in the old pickup truck headed for a rodeo in White River. Lucky is happily sitting between them. They are hauling a couple of bucking broncos.


“Hey! Are our horses supposed to have riders on them?”Never look a gift horse in the mouth, Lucky. 

Lav: Well, Dr. Howliday, aren’t you glad I talked you into rodeoing? It’s too bad we didn’t make it as veterinarians. All those years of school down the tubes. Funny though, I don’t remember going to school all those years. Well, at least if our horses get sick, we can doctor them. You too Lucky. (Lucky growls).

MG: Well Dr. Longhorn, It just wasn’t fun at the ranch anymore. The lines for the Jacuzzi were too long, and I got sort of sick of mashed potatoes.

Hmm, it sounds like the script is imitating real mansion life. Lav and Val playing rodeoers? This should be worth the price of admission. There are a couple of other vehicles with the cast and crew behind them. The only ones missing are the Cowboy and the Phantom Wrangler. Well, we plan on travelin a fer piece. maybe we’ll mosey on into them again.

They soon pull up to the White River fairgrounds. There are cars everywhere. It looks pretty festive…just like a real rodeo.

Well cut my legs off and call me shorty…Jerry and the family got a singing gig..Yee Haw!!


Lets get to the action..We’ve got some brave Cast and Crew.

They ridiculed us. They called us  namby-pamby city slickers. One thing about the take 2 cast and crew.  We pony up. Yup you can put your money on us. What we lack in brains, we make up in brawn.

I like to start off small


I can do anything as long as I have Odrum with me.


Oh dear, I’m on the program. It says “We’ll see how high her Highness can go?”


That DM..No matter what he’s doing, he always has football on his brain. Hmm, from the looks of things, he might need that helmet.


What do we have here…Dueling concession stands? “


“Get your hands off my hat cake cowboy.”


“Sorry Cowboy…I only have enough tea for me and the city slickers”

Giddy up, I’m right behind ya’.

The Cowboy and the Phantom Wrangler…Huh..Still hightailing it out of here. Does anybody know where they’re goin?”

So, the sun sets on another south South Dakota day. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

( I didn’t write the following cool cowboy tune, but Jerry’s family sure can sing it!)

Well I wake up in the mornin’, I brew my coffee hot and strong.
I get out my ole guitar, and try to write a song.
An them larks are singin, oh lord, just outside.
And I’m stuck here in this kitchen tryin’ to write.
And I’m writin’ these cowboy songs. yodellehe, cowboy songs
Just me and my beat up ole guitar.
Cowboy songs, yodellehe, cowboy songs
Well maybe one of these cowboy songs is gonna make me a star.
Now Hank Williams Jr. writes ’em rough, and sings ’em tough.
And Charlie Daniels sings a song about the devil.
And Waylon and Willie sing about, whatever they like.
And I’ll probably be sing these cowboy songs for the rest of my life.
And writin’ these cowboy songs. yodellehe, cowboy songs
Just me and my beat up ole guitar.
Cowboy songs,