Murdo Girl…Nothing in particular

I think I’ll just muse a little bit tonight. I’ve been in Tyler with Kip all day, and now it’s almost eight o’clock and my brain isn’t working with me here.

Has anyone ever said to you…”You are wearing me out?” Needy people can wear you out. Troubled kids can wear you out, demanding employers can be added to the list. I discovered something about myself today. I wear myself out. It’s not that easy keeping up with me and all the things I want to do, while avoiding the things I have to do, like wash clothes and clean house.

It hit me hard today. I walked into this outpatient heart clinic where Kip was scheduled for a treadmill test and a nuclear heart scan that we were told would take 2-3 hours. The clinic has a huge waiting area. I struggled to a chair with my purse, Yeti cup, my book, my hotspot, (which didn’t work in there), my tablet and a power cord. It was all futile, because I couldn’t get service of any kind in the building. I had to sit there without being able to accomplish anything.

First, I ate the peanut butter crackers that we brought for Kip’s snack. They told him not to eat until after the test, but in the middle of everything, he could have a light snack. Thankfully, there was a Dollar General close to the clinic, so I could get more crackers before he came out for his snack.

Then I decided to read my book. The one I wrote. I started it last night and I’m almost finished. I discovered that I have some questions for the author. I wrote them down so I wouldn’t forget to ask her to clear some things up for me. Maybe by the time I get to the end, all of my questions will be answered.. I sure hope so.

Kip actually finished up early. He passed the stress test with flying colors, but has to wait for the doctor to get with him on the heart scan. Don’t be alarmed, the doc is mainly trying to rule things out. I have my own diagnosis, but I won’t offer it unless I’m asked, which won’t happen.

Anyway, I had noticed a GW store as we came into town, and when Kip said he wanted to wash his pickup, I asked him to drop me off, and when he was finished, come back and get me. The place was huge and I didn’t have enough time, but I did manage to spend $1.79 plus tax. I have no place to put another thing in this house, but these are both little. I really need my daughter-in-law. Amy, to come and organize my house and me. That’s what she does in her spare time when she isn’t being a nurse and taking care of two active boys, and my son. I know she will make me get rid of things. I have never before been a collector, but I’m afraid I’m now pretty close to becoming a hoarder.

I plan to eventually put a grand baby’s picture in this darling frame.
Just in case I ever need the juice of one lemon, (A small one.)

I almost had a garage sale last week, but Kip said it was too hot and he was right.

It’s almost nine o’clock now and I haven’t got my second wind, so I guess I’m going to have to go with this. I know I will regret it in the morning.

Here’s the definition.

Wearing me out

An expression used to illustrate the fact that something or someone is either:
1) annoying you to the brink of emotional breakdown,
2) is testing your physical, mental or emotional fortitude, or
3) just plain ticking you off.
Yup…It has a place in my vocabulary along with, “Would you please be quiet? I’m tired of talking over you.”
I think I’ve figured out why I was slow to think of a “road trip gang” episode. They were at Crazy Horse yesterday, and they’re planning to see Mount Rushmore, Sylvan Lake, and all of that beautiful country. I spent so much time there when I was writing Dakota’s story, I’d kind of like to go someplace else. How about the Corn Palace?
This should be the Corn Palace WT, but I found it while looking for things to do in Kadoka
I you have anyplace you would like to go, let me know. We can go anywhere we want to. We just have to make sure the Cowboy and the Phantom Wrangler keep up with us.

Don’t worry Phantom and Cowboy fans. There’s more to their story.


So, as the sun sets on another beautiful western South Dakota evening, the Road Gang is spending the night at Grandpa Sanderson’s Nemo cabin. Tomorrow, they will play in the creek.

Oh no, I forgot to stop and pick up Deb. Do you know how to get to Nemo Deb?

deb 4

7 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Nothing in particular

  1. Mary Francis McNinch July 28, 2017 / 7:45 am

    These are fabulous!! I live every one of them. How many campers? Love the way they incorporated the feathers. I love hanging out next to you on the reader, Judy.


  2. DIanna Kenobbie Diehm July 28, 2017 / 7:15 am

    All I could think of was sing this tune “Do you know the way to Nemo Deb?” Love it love you!

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    • Mary Francis McNinch July 28, 2017 / 7:35 am

      I didn’t know you could sing!! Great idea for a song or a poem! You’re the best!


  3. countrygirl57 July 27, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    You always make me smile! Thanks, my friend!

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    • amyjoinwyo July 30, 2017 / 9:32 am

      Mary great blog today. I would love to help you organize your house, however it always looks fantastic when we are there. I too wear myself out with multiple tasks and dreams. To be truthful it wears your son out too. 😉 I just think we get so busy and are highly motivated and feel we need to accomplish all in one day. It is important to stop and smell the roses and allow relaxation at times. Love you.

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      • Mary Francis McNinch July 30, 2017 / 3:22 pm

        Thanks for your comments Amy…You haven’t seen my house since I started all of my collecting. I really was impressed with yours though. I hope you like the book I sent and will tell all of your friends about it. It gets more appealing to adults as the story develops. I hope you’re relaxing some today. You seem to understand where I’m coming from too well. I think your priorities are as they should be. I really admire how much you enjoy your family. Love you!


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