Murdo Girl… The road trip at your own risk

Well, the road trip gang is off and running again. They liked Crazy Horse so much they decided to visit Mt. Rushmore. Thankfully, as long as they can pull together enough money to eat and put gas in the van coach, they are good to go because they got to stay at Grandpa Sanderson’s Nemo cabin. Lucky just loves it there. He gets to swim in the creek and chase chipmunks. Everybody is at the cabin now getting ready to head to Mt. Rushmore.


Murdo Girl: I’m glad I didn’t listen to myself when I said I was sick of the Black Hills and wanted to go to the Corn Palace. I guess when you’ve seen Bob Hope once there’s really no point in going back to see him again. Besides…everyone seems to be having fun and we haven’t gotten into any trouble since Yram interviewed Crazy Horse.

Lav: Yeah…I can’t believe he went back to Murdo and said we were all crazier than any horse he had ever seen. What kind of mother would call their kid Crazy anyway?

Don’t worry Crazy Mom…I forgave you many moons ago

MG: Well, I just hope Yram lays off the Presidents. She wears people out.

Sherri the photographic drawer comes in the cabin kitchen, pours herself a gigantic cup of coffee and sits down at the table with Lav and MG.

Sherri: I don’t think I’ll go to Mt. Rushmore. I think I’ll stay around here and relax. Hey…aren’t you going to make your Grandpa’s fried cornmeal mush again MG? I love that stuff.

Lav: Jeez Sherri, we have had cornmeal mush for every meal since we’ve been here. Can’t we have something that doesn’t have the word mush in it? I’ve been kind of hungry for corn on the cobb. Corn dogs sound good too.

The Queen comes in: I’m so excited today. I get to meet four more Presidents. I have outlasted eleven so far. Now I get to knock out four more in one day. Now then, Who has the pounds to gas up the van coach. We were running on perfumes yesterday.

1-Eleven Presidents

TC enters: Don’t you mean fumes Queen E? Boy, do I ever have a pounding headache.

Queen E: No I don’t mean fumes. I poured all of my Channel #5 perfume in the gas tank. The van ran like a charm bracelet.

TC: Well no wonder I have a massive headache. I’m allergic to Channel #5. That’s just crazy. Since I’m the Tattler Cowboy, I’m going to have to tell someone as soon as I get to feeling better. You go have your picture drawn all you want Queen E. I’m staying here.

I’m telling….We made corncakes…We made coffee…It’s my birthday…I’m seven

Sherri: You better make sure Kodak Kadoka is going Queen E. I’m staying here. I’m tired of drawing colorless rocks. I need some purple or periwinkle in my life. I know, I’ll draw pictures of sunrises and sunsets.

Hi Sherri…Hi Cowboy…Hey Lucky…those aren’t chipmunks.

Kodak enters: Oh no you won’t Sherri…that’s my gig and you know it. There has to be some benefits to having a name like Kodak Kadoka. Besides, my mother told me there was a sunrise and a sunset on the day I was born.

Lav: Is Bob Hope really at the Corn Palace? I bet I could get some corn nuts there. I like the ranch flavored corn nuts.

MG: My right eye is starting to twitch. You all have no idea how a mind is supposed to work do you? Every day is a new day to you. I take that back…about fifteen minutes into it, it’s usually pretty cobb..led up. See now you have me cracklin corn!! I’m going to the woods to pick up acorns!

The Goods…The Woods…somebody who has had enough cake…More coffee??

AC: (She’s been there the whole time, but with her dark glasses on, it’s hard to tell if she’s awake unless she says something.) So are we going to see the Presidents or not? MG, exactly what are my responsibilities at a venue like Mt. Rushmore? I hate to sound corny, but I have never been clear about my new job responsibilities as an Aggressive Cowboy? I feel like I’m flying blind and I might wreck my airplane.

Yram: AC, Murdo Girl just made up Aggressive Cowboy because she had to have Cowboy in your name and she thought AC sounded cool. You can probably take those sunglasses off now. You’ll probably see a cornucopia of things you haven’t really seen before.

AC: Even though being able to see comes in handy when you’re flying an airplane. I can’t Yram. Your frizzy, cornstalk, yellow hair is too hard on my eyes.

DM and Pico come running in the back porch door…You are not going to believe who we just saw up on the hill over there across the road. All heads are turned. All voices are muted. All ears of corn, (just kidding), all ears are strained. (Pico and DM saunter over to the coffee pot and frown at the empty coffee pot. They say nothing…not one word. Finally, they both sit down at the table with a glass of warm tea. (There is no refrigerator in Grandpa’s cabin.)


Everybody seated at the table:  Well? Well? Well? Well? Well?

DM: We saw the silhouette of a bunch of cowboys and Indians. They must still be fighting over who owns the Black Hills. Where are you going Yram?

Yram: I’m going over there to interview them. This could be my lucky break. Just think…Crack up reporter from Gun Barrel City, where our motto is, “We shoot straight,” gets exclusive interview with Geronimo and Wild Bill Hickock., or is it Chief Jerome and Billy the Kid? Come on Sherri. You can draw them.

Sherri: Ah, no. I think I will let everybody draw their own conclusions.

This can’t end well.