Murdo Girl…the road trip tripped

Lady luck turned on me today…but it will be okay.

We started our day in Spearfish with a great morning walk with the dogs.

This huge field is behind the RV park. Kip and I met the gentleman who owns the farm and the beautiful horses. He was really nice. He even said we didn’t have to use doggy poop bags when we walk the dogs in his pasture.

Every morning at 8:30, all the kids in the rv park run to feed the animals in the little animal farm behind the park owner’s residence. They have two sheep, two calves and two goats for the kiddos to feed and pet.

Nestled in the foothills of Spearfish Canyon, this park is relaxing, friendly, and convenient to many attractions. We planned to stay there until Saturday.

It was not to be…but we’ll survive.

The air conditioner in the motor home has been working off and on. We thought we had it repaired before we left home. The man who services our RV said it was just a burned out wire and he fixed it. The last two nights when we got home, it seemed pretty warm inside. The nights have been on the cool side, so it didn’t bother me.

This morning, Kip talked to some other campers and was told it would be in the high 90’s through the weekend. He told me he was going to get on the phone and find someone to fix the two air conditioners. Thankfully, we purchased a warranty when we bought the motor home. Last year we got brand new hydraulic lifts and a couple of other things. John, who handles claims, knows us well by now, and he continues to do a great job putting our claims through.

On the way to Rapid City

We folded up our little home, hooked up the Jeep we tow, and took off for Rapid City, where John told us to take it. We spent the afternoon in Dakota RV’s parking lot while they worked on it, ran diagnostic tests, conferred with John and figured it all out. I just knew it was going to work out and we’d be back in Spearfish before the sun set. I really believed that.


Poor babies…so innocent…they didn’t know they would soon be traumatized 

I knew my good fortune was holding up when I found this at the truck stop where we filled up on our way to Rapid City.


They didn’t have a Queen Bing

When Kip came back to the, by now pretty hot rv, he said, “they’re going to put new air conditioners in…it will be ready Tuesday.”

I said, “okay..wait..what day is this? It’s only Thursday.” (I’m good at answering my own questions.) “That is four whole days away!!”

I happen to know that some of the people having their rigs worked on just hook them up to electricity, fill the fresh water tank and stay right there. It’s called boondoggling. Kip didn’t want to live in a parking lot.

My next suggestion was to take our house and go. We could bring it back on Monday when the parts are supposed to get here. That idea didn’t fly either. I wasn’t very friendly as we were packing up our three dogs and an upset cat along with all their food and water, the litter box, and our stuff, shoved it all in the Jeep and went to find a motel that would take us.

We were so hungry by then, we stopped at a Wendy’s for burgers and frys. We couldn’t go inside to eat and leave our poor nervous pets, so we ate in the car. The three dogs were drooling all over us and the kitty was in her pet carrier meowing as loud as she could….I’m sure we’ll all be fine.

I hate staying in motels, which is funny because my parents owned one. I like my own bed, my own sheets and my own towels…and…my own coffee in the morning. That is a lot to give up on a moments notice without being consulted.

Do you think I might be surrounded by bad carma because I told all of those stories about Kip at his reunion without consulting him? At least I haven’t noticed any cigar smoke from the Wyoming Territorial Penitentiary inmate. (I told that story a couple of days ago.)

Don’t worry, it will all be good. We are fine. I have no business complaining about anything. I have enjoyed so many good days and I know there will be more.

Tomorrow, I’m going to find us a little cabin in the woods and Kip will be okay with that as long as it has air conditioning, right?


As long as they get their treats, they don’t care if they have to stay in a motel.




6 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…the road trip tripped

  1. lifelessons August 18, 2017 / 3:00 pm

    Hoping that this is the worst trauma that ever befalls thee. I used to love The Deer Huts right on the old 16 in the hills. It is probably no longer there. I loved the outside toilets. Not Kip’s idea of luxury, I bet.

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  2. sanjuan831 August 18, 2017 / 9:16 am

    Yup, agree with others. I keep forgetting to complement you on the clever titles you give your stories. …Trip Tripped… how do you come up with those!?

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  3. countrygirl57 August 18, 2017 / 8:23 am

    Just now getting to read this. 😥. So sorry about the air conditioners. Especially about having to move everything to a motel – but, this too, shall pass. There has to be a silver lining somewhere in all this. Hang in there, dear friend! Love you and miss you bunches ❤️❤️😘😘. Keep us posted!!

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    • Mary Francis McNinch August 20, 2017 / 4:36 pm

      The silver lining is that we will really appreciate the motor home when we get it back. I went to the goodwill store and spent $26, so I’m good.:) Miss you sweet friend.


  4. scoper07 August 18, 2017 / 5:59 am

    At least on the bright side, you will end up with new air conditioners. Rapid City isn’t too bad a place to get stuck for a few days.

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