Murdo Girl…the road trip..Tippecanoe and good food too!

Well, Molly outdid herself. She could outdo me every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Her real Indiana style dinner was scrumptious. I was afraid Kip was going to lick his plate and serve himself dessert. He leaned back in his chair and said, “I can’t remember when I last had a meal like this. It must have been when my mom was still alive.” Kip’s mom was a great cook too, so I wasn’t offended.

The meal was comfort food all the way. Molly served chicken and noodles in a tasty broth over mashed potatoes, with sides of seasoned green beans, cheesy broccoli, and freshly baked dinner rolls with homemade crab apple butter. All that was followed by apple pie alamode.

We enjoyed every bite. Our stomachs have gotten to the point where if they get an inch of room in them, they demand to be filled to the brim again.

Cary, Molly and Kip. (We had dinner in the sunroom of their beautiful home.)

Molly has a sewing room as big as our RV and as I said, their home is beautiful yet comfortable. I have come to the conclusion that she really was robbed of the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award, but what can I say? Those multiple choice questions are tricky.

Earlier, Molly and I got our pedicures. They didn’t have the sparkly orange polish, so I toned it down some. Oh look, I had my Murdo pants on.

This morning Kip and I took Pattie and Sammie to the groomer’s. Cyndie had to stay home with the cat and she was not happy about it! I’m talking about the cat. She likes her alone time.

Molly and Cary met us at the groomers and took us to the Battle Ground Museum where we learned about the Battle of Tippecanoe, which was fought right where they built the museum. William Henry Harrison won the battle with the Indians of Wabash country. It’s a great story.

After seeing the museum Kip and I went back to the RV to walk the dogs. It was such a nice day, we decided to go see the Wabash and Erie Canal near Delphi, which is only a short drive from where we’re parked.

The canal starts here with the Wabash River and goes 486 miles North to Lake Erie where it ties into other canals.

We’ve seen a lot of little old towns on this trip. This replicates the little town built on the canal.

(I like how both of these pictures turned out.)

Tonight, we had dinner with Cary and Molly at Grindstone Charley’s where we consumed another Indiana specialty, grilled pork tenderloin sandwiches.

We have had such a wonderful time with the Clines. They recently sold their business and will be leaving Thursday for a month long vacation. The first stop is Ireland. Retirement is wonderful. They recently purchased an RV as well.

Kip and I will pack up and leave tomorrow. We’ll be headed for Kentucky. We’re excited that we get to see yet another part of the country.

6 thoughts on “ Murdo Girl…the road trip..Tippecanoe and good food too!

  1. sanjuan831 September 13, 2017 / 8:57 am

    Molly is a chef extraordinaire! Carb’s, dessert and yummy dishes all made me hungry. Plus- Your photography is getting more epic each trip. Great job!
    Like how you had someone take the picture of you and the Cline’s. Retirement heaven?

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      • sanjuan831 September 13, 2017 / 1:14 pm

        Hahahaha. Good one! Plus you posed for the picture in front of the Gentlemen’s restroom.

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      • Mary Francis McNinch September 14, 2017 / 7:20 am

        We did! That’s how we found the guy to take our picture😄


  2. scoper07 September 13, 2017 / 7:27 am

    Gosh MG, I put on weight just reading your blog! Excellent pictures. It looks beautiful there.


    • Mary Francis McNinch September 13, 2017 / 10:46 am

      I thought once stretchy always stretchy 07. Not true! You eventually run out of stretch..It’s time for us to… “back away from the food.”

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