Murdo Girl…Little angels

Is the ability to render someone speechless an art or a gift? I don’t know anyone over twelve who can do it as effectively as those twelve and under.

Our four year old grandson is having problems in his preschool. He’s feisty and he can’t be convinced that it’s not okay to hit people. He and Kitty, a little girl in his class, have been best buds since last year. When our daughter said, “It is not okay to hit everybody,” he defended himself by saying, “Well…I don’t! I don’t  hit Kitty.”


What do you say?

When our youngest was overly tired he, like most kids, he was easily brought to tears. We would try to give him a pass by saying, “Oh, you’re just tired.” That upset him even more. He informed us that crying doesn’t mean you’re tired, yawning means you’re tired.

What do you say? x 2

Those are both good, but my favorite is one that my cousin used when his dad pulled up to a stop sign and caught his son (my cousin) throwing rocks at things that could be damaged. My cousin, ran over to the car and said, “Hey Dad, I need to talk to you when we get home.”  He took the words right out of his dad’s mouth.

What do you say to that?


What do you say? X 3

Just to make sure the technique doesn’t work for older people, I practiced it a little bit today. I told Kip I socked a lady in the grocery store. He said, “Good…she probably had it coming.”

What do I say?

This afternoon I started crying because Kip ate the last fried pie we brought home from vacation. To push it just a little, I said I was hungry for a fried pie and REALLY tired. He said, “You’re probably just feeling sluggish because you ate the other three fried pies.”


She’s inside eating fried pies

Rendered speechless

I didn’t want to throw rocks at stop signs so I had to think of something really good for my last try. Kip hates it when I don’t put things back where they belong, so I took the scissors, tape and all of our pens and hid them.

Normally, he would look at the ceiling and tell me he had looked everywhere and still couldn’t find them. Today was different. He bought me my very own, scissors, tape and pens.  The kids trained him well. The only thing I could think of to say was:

Thank you.

1-20160131_181705-1-2They are all little angels.

I’ve been working long hours on a writing project, so my blogs are short and not as frequent. Thanks for being patient and hanging in there with me.

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