Murdo Girl…A stayca

Some of you may recall that Kip and I recently took a two month trip in our RV.  We had a wonderful time and feel sad that we can’t go on another long trip until next fall. We have limited ourselves to one epic journey a year. We will go on shorter trips in between, but it’s nothing like living on the road. A couple of my friends told me this morning that they enjoyed the travel blog and couldn’t I go on another long trip so they could read about it? The sad truth is…No! I decided to write about a trip to Mabank, TX, since that’s where we live in the off-season. Yes…it is possible to stayca in an RV.

An RV trip to Mabank

We woke up this morning ready to go. We like to pack-up and buy our food ahead of time, so all we have to do the next morning before hitting the road is put the animals in and hook up the car behind the motor home. When we go someplace we haven’t been before we really check out the parking lot situation. We have to be able to make it around, because we can’t back up the rv when we’re towing the Jeep. 

This proved to be a difficult task in Mabank. We wanted to go to a nice place for breakfast. We ended up parking at the Shell Station where we bought a box of those yummy chocolate covered cake donuts and a cup of coffee. (They have good creamer flavors there.)

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After breakfast we programmed our GPS for the next stop. We found a place to spend some quality time and it had a big parking lot. We went to Hometown Cinema. Since we didn’t have a choice anyway, we didn’t bother to inquire about what movie was showing. We parked in their lot and spent the time between getting there and the start of the movie, walking the dogs.

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At last, movie time rolled around, so we put the dogs inside the rv and started the noisy generator so we could keep the air conditioning on for them. We heard a voice telling us, “You can walk from here. You can walk from here.” After investigating, we finally figured out it was Miss GPS. We had forgotten to shut her up, I mean turn her off, when we reached our destination.

The movie was about a dog who dies and wakes up a different kind of dog, then dies and wakes up a different kind of dog again and again. I think the name of it was, A Dog’s Purpose. We were sure glad they don’t allow dogs in the movie theater, because our dogs are chicken enough and would be afraid to go to sleep even though they get the two recliners and the pullout bed.

It was lunch time by now so we went back into the movie theater to buy some popcorn. A lady came out of nowhere and confronted us about the noisy generator. Kip said, “Unless you want a real live, A Dog’s Purpose, outside in your parking lot, you won’t push that idea too much. The noise didn’t bother me at all when we were inside the theater, but I guess it could be because I’m used to it.

By the time we were ready to leave Hometown Cinema, it was close to three thirty, which is when we usually try to estimate where we will be when we’re ready to stop for the night. Since we weren’t actually leaving town, we decided to stop at Walmart and do what you call Boondoggle. It’s where you self-maintain. You use your generator for power, hope you have enough potable water, and that’s it! Unfortunately, it was only four-thirty when we got there and a real long night loomed before us.

We walked the dogs and put them in the rv while we went inside Walmart to buy something for dinner. We found some great looking steaks, a salad from the deli, rolls from the bakery and peach cobbler, but we bought sandwiches at the Subway inside the store. Kip didn’t feel like setting up the grill and everything in the Walmart parking lot….The way I looked at it, we were saving money by boondoggling, and we were on a stayca, therefore we should have sprung for the steaks.

Here are a few RVing tips I have learned in the past couple of years. I learn almost everything by watching YouTube videos, listening to other RVers, or the hard way.

Spray Bottle
Fill a spray bottle with water and a tiny bit of dish-washing soap. Spray your dishes before you put them in the sink. This simple step will act as a pre-soak and help you use less water come washing time. AMAZING. No more soaking the dishes in a sink full of soapy water like Mom did. I wish I had known this years and years ago.

Plastic Bin Washing
I saw this idea on a YouTube video and have been using it ever since. Traveling with no time to wash socks and undies? No problem. Fill a plastic bin with cold water, your laundry and a dash of soap. Click the lid on for a tight fit. Place the bin in your shower and head out on the road. At the end of the day, the movement of your rig will agitate the clothes. Just rinse and hang. The perfect emergency washer! SO EASY. While an excellent trick, it is not meant for boondogglers who don’t leave town… You don’t drive your rig around enough to agitate the laundry. Why not just go home for a couple of hours if you really must wash…though some might label that cheating.

The Electric Fly Swatter
Yup. They make these, and some RVers don’t want to live without them. Electric fly swatters or bug fryers are a great way to keep your RV free of flies and their ilk. (I’ll get into varmints another time.) The nice thing about these high voltage swatters is that if you like tennis, this will double as a racket and send a ball over the net at high speed. Once you get the hang of it, and can keep it in bounds, you will be the winner you’ve always wanted to be. Oh, I almost forgot, keep your battery charger handy. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having to stop a tennis match because your battery needs charged.