Murdo Girl…What goes up, must come down

I’m not on my way home from school today. It’s Monday, but Its some kind of holiday. Its either Labor Day or Memorial Day. I can never remember which is when. The library is closed too, which means Pearl will be home. She said to come if I wasn’t too busy because even though she’s more active now, she still doesn’t like going up and down the stairs several times a day. She said I could have today off if I wanted it, but I figured since I’m not busy, I would decline the offer.

I’m not there yet, but I almost am.


When I got there, Pearl the dog was waiting for me. I could tell she hadn’t gone outside yet, and I was sure glad I decided not to take the day off. I don’t think most of the kids are doing much today, anyway…at least I haven’t heard about anything.

2-Pearl 3

When I got there, Grace was in the kitchen fixing a breakfast tray. She acted real happy and everything. She was even singing.

“Hi, Grace, is Pearl sick?”

“No, Dear, she just can’t get out of bed. She overdid it yesterday and can barely move. She says even her fingernails hurt. She is not a very pleasant  patient. She had me over here at the crack of dawn.”


I took Pearl the dog for a long walk and when I got back, I decided to go in and say hi to Pearl. She was barely sitting up in her bed, but she waved me to come closer. I thought for a minute she couldn’t talk, but I was wrong.

“Essie, dear. I need you to do me a very big favor. Do you have a couple of hours? I will pay you extra.”

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“I might get a call from some of my friends, but that’s okay. If you really need me, I can stay,” I said.

“Good…Get me my handbag. Its sitting up there on the dresser. Thank you, dear. Would you open it please and get my little notepad out? I have a list of names and phone numbers for all the ladies who are in my yoga class. Even though the library is closed, I was able to get permission to hold my class there later today. I need you to call all of these women and tell them I have come down with something dreadful and I will have to cancel today’s class. Can you do that for me? I don’t want them to know I hurt too much to get out of bed. They are under the impression I know all there is to know about yoga.”

Well, I hate doing that sort of thing, but I had already told her I would, so I was stuck.

The very first woman I called was sick with a dreadful disease, too. Her husband told me she hadn’t done anything but moan and groan all morning.


The next lady said Pearl better lay low for awhile, because she was mad at her and she wasn’t the only one.

Every woman I called was madder than the the one before. I really didn’t know what to say to them to get Pearl out of trouble, so I just said if it made them feel any better, Pearl couldn’t get out of bed either only she had a dreaded disease today, and she would probably have it tomorrow, too.

I went back into Pearl’s room to tell her I called them all and did she need me to do anything else before I took Pearl the dog for another walk.

“Where did I go wrong, Essie? I was at the top of the heap, but now I feel sure I’ve plummeted to the bottom. And you know what they say, Essie…”


Right then, Grace came in the room. “What exactly did you have those ladies do in your class, Pearl?”

“We jumped rope, and did the limbo to the ‘oldies’ Why?”

“Well, Grace said. Some little kid dropped this off. It didn’t have a name on it, so I opened it. It says right here yoga is mostly stretching.”

“And saying omm,” I added.

“Oh, no,” Pearl said. “It’s worse than I thought. I’m going to have to leave town!”




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  1. scoper07 November 13, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    You can fool all the people some of the time…as the saying goes. Pearl the human only needs to change the name of the class to Zumba and she’ll be right with the world!!


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