Murdo Girl… “From out of the clear blue of the western sky comes Sky King”

I’m on my way to get Pearl the dog. Our schedule is different now. We go for a walk and end up at Pearl’s Busy Nest. Pearl the dog loves to go there. She gets petted a bunch and sometimes she even gets to go into the Light Therapy room with one of Pearl’s clients. Pearl calls it Petting Therapy.

We had a rocky start, but we finally got things running smoothly. At first the clients would go into Pearl’s client room and ask her where the lights were. She had to tell them that light therapy meant she couldn’t go deep down into their psyche. She’s not allowed to put people in a trance or hypnotize them. If they need more than talking about their feelings, they will have to drive all the way to Rapid City. She usually convinces them to try light therapy first because its cheaper and they can always go on to the deep psyche stuff at a later time. Rapid is a two hour drive and its best if you can accomplish two or three things in the same day.

Well, I’m not there yet, but I almost am.


“I’m here, Pearl…are you?”

“Yes dear…I’ve been waiting for you to get here. I desperately need a cup of coffee.”


“Okay,” I said. “Where is Grace? I looked around and didn’t see her.”

“She went to pick up the mail. Poor dear, she hasn’t gotten a single Dear Grace letter for her to put in the paper… Here she comes.”

I went to let her in because she had so much mail she needed both hands to hold it.

“Look!! I have ten letters here. All of them are addressed to Grace at Pearl’s Busy Nest. I can’t wait to read them all. I put flyers in every women’s bathroom I could find, and it worked. People like to read while they’re using the facilities, you know.”

Pearl glanced over that way and I could tell she was a little curious. “Essie,” She said. “Please bring my first client to my office.”

“But Pearl…No one is here yet.”

“When they get here, I’ll be in my office.”

Grace let me read the first letter she opened.

Dear Grace,

I have a child who goes to sleep each night with her hands up. She says if a bad guy comes during the night she wants to be ready in case she doesn’t wake up right away and she doesn’t hear the bad guy say, “Put Your Hands Up!” She says its even more important if the bad guy is in the hall and says: “Come out with your hands up!” She doesn’t want to get shot just because she isn’t ready.

Thank you for your help.


Grace sat there with a puzzled look on her face. She couldn’t think of any advise. I knew I could help her out.


“Grace,” I said. “I know who this is, but I won’t tell anybody. This girl watches Roy Rogers and Dale Evans every Saturday. Somebody always has their hands up in that show. Suggest she tell her daughter to watch Sky King. They fly around in a plane in that show. Penny is the girl who sees the bad guys from the airplane. Even if the daughter feels like she needs to bail out in the night, she’ll just hit the floor and shouldn’t get hurt bad.”


Well, Grace wrote all that down and signed it: Yours truly, Grace. Then I took it to the newspaper. We answered four more letters today.

“Where is Pearl the human keeping herself,” (Grace was so busy she hadn’t noticed Pearl not being around.)


“She’s in her office spending some quality time with Pearl the dog. She didn’t get any clients today, but I have some doozies lined up for tomorrow. They need a lot of light therapy.







2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl… “From out of the clear blue of the western sky comes Sky King”

  1. scoper07 November 17, 2017 / 8:32 pm

    You certainly have interesting clientele lined up for light therapy MG. I really laughed hard on the girl sleeping with her hands up. Really funny. Thanks.


    • Mary Francis McNinch November 18, 2017 / 8:05 am

      I can’t take credit for the hands up story 07. My friend, Pat told me this childhood story. I laughed hard too!🤣


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