Murdo Girl…We are frozen like a popsicle 

The saga continues. The story unfolds…a little. Every day can’t be perfection no matter how hard we try, right? Why are we surprised when we have a little bad luck?

We stayed up rather late last night. We accomplished a lot this past week, but finishing up in time, is the nerve wracking part.

We were ready at nine a.m. and the floor guys got there at ten. We had everything off the counters and shelves and moved everything we didn’t want to be covered in dust. The men were to move all of the furniture into the garage. Here is how the kitchen and living room looked when we left this morning.

Here is how it looked when we stopped by to pick up a few things on our way to meet the Tuesday night dinner group.

After I saw this scene I wasn’t bothered so much by what happened in between. We could never have lived there while the work was being done; especially with three dogs and a cat. It’s a “small home ”

We left Mabank and twenty minutes later, we arrived at the Texan RV Park. It was 22 degrees outside.

The park is wonderful. They have two good sized lakes with nice paths around them…perfect for walking the dogs. Did I mention the wind was blowing? The dogs ran to the RV to get out of the cold.

Once we got all parked, leveled and hooked up, Kip went back out to start filling the fresh water tank. Apparently, when it’s 22 degrees and the wind is blowing the park’s pipes freeze up.

The deal is, we are not going to let things like freezing weather and no water upset us. It was just a short walk to the clubhouse where they have showers and commodes. I took a five gallon bucket over there, put the bucket in the shower and turned the water on. It took a while for the bucket to fill up because of the non-adjustable, wide spraying shower head. There is no heat in the bathroom, but the heating light with a timer on it warmed the room up after about fifteen minutes. I had to keep turning the light back on because the maximum on the timer is about five minutes. Oh well, I was in a good place in case I had to go to the bathroom. As I waited, I noticed the bathroom was actually pretty, and smelled nice and clean. Finally, the bucket was full. I had to dump half of the water out because the bucket was too heavy. As I walked back to the RV, I wondered how I was going to take a shower in the morning if I had to get out every five minutes to turn the light and heat back on.

Oh well…

I warmed some water on the stove to wash and rinse the lunch dishes and gave the animals a big bowl of water which emptied the bucket. Kip said it was almost time to go meet our Tuesday night dinner group, so I decided to brush my teeth. Silly me…I had my mouth full of toothpaste and it wasn’t until I had to rinse that I remembered there was no water. I rinsed with peach flavored ice tea while Kip went to get another bucket of water.

I was already a little miffed because Kip took the container I keep all my crowns in to the storage unit. There were a couple in there that could double as winter hats. I’m lucky he didn’t take my pillow.

The picture below captured what was going on pretty well don’t you think?

(Note to cousin, Val. Here you can see two of the four televisions.) See how I captured Sammie? She looks like she’s telegraphing a message to me. “Are you kidding me?” She asks. “We’ve got four more days like this?”

“What a spoiled dog you are!” I telegraph back to her. I look at sad face Pattie and telegraph to her too. “Cheer up or there might be a cold doghouse in your future.”

The cat doesn’t worry much. Here she is at home before we left this morning.

Here she is in the RV.

We had a great time at the Tuesday night dinner with twenty or more of the best people one could ever know.

I have to remind myself that at sometime in our lives, most of us have to go through real, sometimes devastating challenges; or maybe have to watch people we love experience things we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

We’ve been there and we’re saying lots of prayers for a family member now.

No matter how our story goes, we are blessed beyond belief.

When we got home tonight, I telegraphed an apology to Pattie and Sammie.

4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…We are frozen like a popsicle 

  1. sanjuan831 January 3, 2018 / 9:38 pm

    This made me cold just reading it. You two sure are troopers – reminded me of those cabin days! You have experience.
    Where did those two tv’s come from? You just had one when I was in RV last time.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch January 4, 2018 / 9:01 pm

      The TV’s were there, they were just smaller. Miss you cuz. AZ here we come!!


  2. scoper07 January 3, 2018 / 9:47 am

    Sorry but no sympathy from me on cold temps. It is a little colder here. But then again, I don’t have to spend much time outside. You’ll get through it and chalk it up as another life experience. Hop the house construction goes problem free and on time.

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  3. countrygirl57 January 3, 2018 / 7:55 am

    ☃️❄️💨. This will subside! Warmer today. Love the blog👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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