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I’m on my way to Pearl’s house to pick up Pearl the dog and take her to The Busy Nest. I think it’s going to be super busy today. Pearl finally perfected her formula for the Elixerfixer supplement. It’s made with the juice of important apples from Kennebec. Personally, I think Pearl got important apples from Kennebec to irk the Murdo druggist. He got sideways with her and that was that! She told him she was about to pay him a rather large stipend for the apples from the crab apple trees in his backyard. She changed her mind when he was snooty to her.

Pearl rubbed more salt in the druggist’s wound. She made it a big deal that the very best crab apples were used in her Elixerfixer supplement called “Get the App,” and she had to go clear to Kennebec to get them. She put a big ol’ sign on Kennebec’s water tower and outside of town. She put an ad in the newspaper too. Pearl is plastered everywhere…


Ad in Thursday’s Murdo Coyote:

Get the App and you Kengobak …made with just the right amount of apple juice from apples imported from Kennebec and Pearl’s special formula. Put the you back in youthful. Get the App today. Sold at fine stores everywhere in Murdo.

Well we aren’t there yet, but we almost are.


“Hi Pearl, Hi Grace, we’re here, are you?”

I couldn’t believe it. I was met with silence. Pearl the dog whined. All I could hear was the ticking of the clock on the wall. I walked into the main part of the Nest and it was dark. No lights, no Pearl, and no Grace. What surprised me the most, was there weren’t any people in line to “Get the App.” The Busy Nest was an empty nest.

All of the red bottles in the shape of an apple were sitting on the counter waiting for people who wanted to put you back in youthful. Pearl was charging $2.99 plus tax, Maybe that was too rich for Murdo’s blood.

I had no idea what I should do…so I just sat there. Pearl the dog and I waited for what seemed like forever. I was reading a stack of Dear Grace letters when I saw Pearl and Grace come through the door… and then I saw what I knew would probably change my life forever. I felt the youth go right out of my youthful.

So this was Pearl’s niece… twice removed. I would have been happy with once removed as long as it was from here.

wp-1518581035092.jpgPearl the dog whimpered and ran under the table. Pearl and Grace were “Oh, mying” all over the place. Grace ran to get junior a chair. Pearl grabbed her camera and started taking pictures of the strange looking kid.

Pearl finally looked my way. “Essie…I know we’re late, but we had to run to the train depot and fetch my niece. I thought we would be back before it was time to open, but the train was delayed. Please come and introduce yourself, dear.”

I got up and took a few steps in her direction. Pearl the dog stayed under the table.

“My name is Ellie,” I said. “What’s yours?”

The pint-sized Pearl looked me over before she spoke.

“Hm…If your name is Ellie, why did my Aunt Pearl call you, Essie?”

Before I could answer, she said, “My name is Elsie.”


Pearl the dog is a real good judge of character



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  1. scoper07 February 14, 2018 / 8:32 pm

    I really like your slogan. Fits in great with the story. I cannot wait to see where you go with Pearl’s twice removed cousin.


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