Murdo Girl…Rolling out Mo’Q and Ch’kip

I want you to know that I take my job as the self-appointed tiny home queen of Mabank, TX very seriously. It’s mucho work, but the pilot we are taping will surely win us that coveted slot on HGTV soon to be vacated by Chip and Jo.

Ch’kip and Mo’Q are destined to be the next HGTV sensations. We will make it happen or I don’t have a big crown on my head. What time is their show on, anyway? I hope it’s over by nine.  wp-1516069031518.jpg

I’ve started to emulate Jo on “Fixer Upper.” Our tiny home is not a fixer upper, but Ch’kip is. We will have to study and shop and be very creative. I will have people make things for me like Jo does.

We won’t do one thing I’ve noticed the Gaines do. They tell people it’s going to cost them $150,235.24, which is always right at the top of the budget. Then a few days later, they say, “Uh oh, we ran into wood rot so you’ll have to cough up another three grand.” The people can’t complain, because they’re on TV. We’ll just dry it out with a fan and burn a candle to get rid of the musty smell.

We’re in the process of readying our tiny Camelot for the viewing, unveiling, or whatever you call it. I worked all day on my sketches, so I hope you’ll appreciate them…a lot.

Back of house


Facing street

Here, I fooled around with some different ideas…We were going to use re-purposed pantyhose to make the rug, but the hose wouldn’t take the dye, so we just bought the rug at Target. I might take it back and try weaving a rug from colorful tights. Now that winter is almost over, I can probably get some on sale. I can re-purpose the rug next fall by taking it apart and wearing the tights.

To give it that 70’s look, I brought out an ashtray.

This is a bathroom. It doesn’t really look much like ours, but I was trying to decide on a stack-able washer and dryer. This set is on sale through tomorrow. This isn’t where it goes.


Full disclosure, here. None of these pictures are of our tiny house. This is a model home we spotted that looks a little bit like our house will when it’s built. The outside is pretty similar except the steps to the deck are on the short side which will be the front of the house. That 2 x 4 has to go. Ch’kip might be able to whittle something out of it…possibly a set of venetian blinds. 

We don’t have anything on the walls yet, but we have thirty minutes before the showing, right Ch’kip? 

This is too much! Wake me when it’s over…Moke, or Joke, or, Mo’Q… (MoQueen?) Whatever you call yourself…