Murdo Girl…Tiny tipster in training

It’s been three weeks and one day since we moved from the small house to the RV, which is our home until the tiny house is completed. We’ve lived in the RV for as long as two months at a time, but it is a little different when you’re traveling around seeing new places, or family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. It’s different when it rains for two and one half weeks and you can’t just up and say, “Gotta go! We follow the sun.”

We absolutely do know how lucky we are that we sold the small house quickly and considering we live with three dogs and a cat, we’re grateful we have our RV to live in while we wait.

What, with our investigative activities, our social obligations, and our chores, including taking time out to walk the dogs several times a day, we have very little spare time.

We are in training for tiny home living. Here are some things I tested just yesterday.

1) I framed these beautiful photographs. They’re tiny enough for the smallest wall.

These three are my new favorite photographs taken by my friend, Dianna Kenobbie Diehm. Woops…The 3rd one isn’t  framed.


I named this photo “Cloud Lasagna.”

I decided to add a depiction of South Dakota weather.

I spent a portion of the day cleaning all of my silver jewelry with tarnish remover. It took about 1.5 hours, including the 1.25 hours I drove around town looking for tarnish remover. I didn’t remember I don’t have much silver jewelry. I ruined two pieces that were very thinly plated, but I have two necklaces that are blindingy shiny.

Next, I decided to whiten my teeth with some charcoal stuff I saw on TV and found at Dollar General. I ruined two toothbrushes, one T shirt, and used half a bottle of 409 to get the charcoal mess in my tiny sink cleaned up. I didn’t think it through. I should have known a tiny container of charcoal shouldn’t cost twenty dollars even if it did come from a tropical region.

I like to try time saving things seen only on TV, and some of them are worth the one for $9.98 and another free plus shipping and handling. Those handlers make bug bucks. I bought two gel filled cushions. The free one ended up costing four dollars more than the first one.

The hangers that make more room in your closet do, however, work like a charm. I showed Kip and he said, “But I thought I was supposed to have room for more than three shirts, now. You just doubled what you have in the closet.”

Here’s your pretend sign, Kip. I’d give you a real one, but we don’t have any place to put it.

Those little hard boiled egg cookers seen on TV work great! I’ve been on a roll making hardboiled eggs and every kind of tiny omelet you can imagine. It makes a tiny home smell like eggs, though, so you might want to work in some other protein sources once in a while or wait a couple of days if you’re planning to have (a) company over.

Meanwhile, all of my beautiful Beasterhops are in storage. I hope I can spring them before Easter.

More tiny home tips from the tiny home tipsters will be forthcoming as soon as I save up some money.


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  1. countrygirl57 March 10, 2018 / 10:48 am

    Delightful reading. Just smiling and shaking my head. Have done a few of those and I don’t even have a tiny house!!!🤣

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