Murdo Girl…Teeny and tiny troubles

Tiny troubles continue…….

“In Beastertown we’re all a whirl. Why must we go with Murdo Girl? We know she took the time to name us, and wrote a book that made us famous. Sheesh!”

Mayor Beasterhop tried to calm the crowd. “We will not go,” they all vowed.

“Why should we be all excited…plus! Who, indeed, invited us?”

Mayor Beasterhop grew tired of shouting. Why did these rabbits insist on doubting?

Had he not always told the truth, protected all old hares and youth?

“Life will be good,” he said. “We’ll be in a tiny house, not dead!”

“Come to think of it, there is a shed. Maybe we’ll reside there, instead.”


“Where is this place we’ve never been? Do they have Easter? If so… then when?”

Mayor Beasterhop stood still, and then he looked toward Beaster Hill.


A hush came over Beastertown. The city with the shining crown.

The rabbits followed their mayor’s gaze. They couldn’t see much through the haze.

“What is he looking for?” They whispered. Their kind Mayor said not a word.

Instead he walked toward his own house. He wished to see, Bunny, his spouse.

Did she lack faith in his vision, and disagree with his decision?

They had so many mouths to feed. Would a tiny house be all they need?

As he continued up the pathway, he picked his love a pretty bouquet.

His garden…so full of glorious splendor. At the sight of it, his heart grew tender.

The country bunnies stayed the night. Tomorrow they would fight the fight. The city rabbits didn’t care. They had no wish to split a hare.



When the sun comes up they’ll see the light. The tiny home will be all right. 

I will post more pictures with descriptions, tomorrow.

We had an eventful evening at the teeny RV. Kip was working on the door, and the cat got out. We finally coaxed her out from under the motor home. Sheesh!

This is Dollie prior to the escape.














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  1. scoper07 March 17, 2018 / 10:43 am

    What a wonderful story told in poetry! It is current events along with a story of Easter. Great job MG!!


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