Murdo Girl….Problems solved

Murdo Girl

I’ve been reading the little Murdo Girl’s paper today, and I don’t know what to say.  There’s got to be a moral to this story somewhere. At least, maybe, there is a good point to be made, something we can all learn from, or maybe not.

I have been encouraging her to try out new words. I noticed she has added… her vocabulary.


California grapefruit, Arizona cactus. We play Draper just for practice..New York’s a city, Murdo’s a town. White River’s only a hole in the ground. Yea Murdo!!

The boys start playing basketball in the fourth grade, so the class votes for cheerleaders too. Guess what? I’m a cheerleader. We only have 7 games, but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

We get to stay for a while after school to practice our cheers. Last week, we practiced in the 8th grade classroom, which is upstairs. The 4th and 6th…

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