Murdo Girl…Dogs, Ducks, and other news

Note to Patti: Billy graduated with a class of twenty-four. There were only nine girls. He quoted some other statistics about how many were still living and how many of those showed up for reunions. It was really impressive, but I’ve forgotten the numbers.

I’m late writing my post tonight because I have been working on Connie’s Story and Dakotah’s Story for the last couple of hours. It’s another long story, but because I have been given some great advice, I have taken on another edit of both books. I believe the stories are good, but they both still need a little finessing to make them exactly as I want them.

We see these ducks every day on the road to our tiny home.

It would help if I had a lot of money, but that could all change soon. Just as I thought this week couldn’t get any weirder, Billy and I got an email from the Jones County Bank in Murdo. They are sending us the contents of an old safe deposit box my parents had. One of the items is a life insurance policy from 1939. Dad was only twenty years old then. It probably won’t be worth anything, will it? Something tells me it probably lapsed somewhere along the line.

Today, we spent a lot of time putting the furniture back together and getting some things ready for the move. Electricity helps, but we still need water to really clean the place and of course, we can’t move in without it. Here are a few pics of the furniture we organized. It doesn’t look like much, yet, but we’ll get there. I’ll show you pictures as we progress. I told you in the beginning, I would give you the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I have kept my promise.

I want to tell you about one other thing that happened today. It’s important information; especially for people who have dogs. About two weeks ago, Cyndie started panting and drinking lots of water. We took her to the Vet right away, and the test they gave her showed her kidney functions weren’t what they should be. They gave her some medicine, and told us to give her a dog food that is easy on the kidneys, (low protein). She has been doing great since then.

Today, when we were taking them all for a walk, we noticed Cyndie’s stool was full of blood. We were concerned to say the least and took her right to the Vet again. After talking about her symptoms, he told us it was caused by eating grass. I always thought dogs ate grass to calm an upset stomach, but this doctor said they eat it because it smells good and it tastes good; especially this time of year. The problem is they can’t digest it, and it can cut up their intestines, which he believes is what’s wrong with Cyndie. We’re grateful for the best news we’ve had all week. It could have been a much worse diagnosis.

I’ll let you know if the symptoms disappear, but in the meantime, I wouldn’t let your dog eat a lot of grass if I were you. Cyndie has been munching too much around this RV park.


Have a great night, everyone…and a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Dogs, Ducks, and other news

  1. countrygirl57 April 28, 2018 / 5:18 am

    Lots of news! Very interesting! Insurance, grass, new edits – I am intrigued – to see how it all plays out. ❤️❤️💓👍🏻😍

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  2. lifelessons April 27, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    Interesting re/ the dogs. I always thought they ate grass when they were ill as well.


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