Murdo Girl: The gang troops the colours

Hi, I’m Yram Sicnarf and I’m a little tardy filing this report, but I got delayed in London and a, well…read on.

The royal family and a few unexpected friends were out in full force to celebrate the Queen’s ninety-second birthday for the second time. They have this big parade with lots of pomp and circumstances, and I will say there were more circumstances than pomp…read on.


Windy Lindy Bergh: Wow, Airy. Aren’t you glad I got wind of the most spectacular event of the royal calendar year? We almost missed Trooping the Colour. I sure hope this airplane has enough fumes in it to get all the way there. I hate bailing out.

Airy Heart: Is that why they call you Windy, Windy? Is it ’cause you always get wind of big events?

Windy: No, Airy…it’s because I’m a Lindy Bergh and I fly higher when the wind’s beneath my wings. Why do they call you Airy, Airy? Never mind I think I have a pretty good idea.


Airy: Look! the Queen’s house people are all lined up to march in the parade. They must be so happy to get out of the house. Take a look at that one! She looks a little like Yram.

wp-1530098995135.jpg(Prince William is wearing the traditional bearskin cap of the Queen’s guard..Airy is a little off in her description. It’s called the Household Division. There are 400 musicians and 200 horses that march….That is Yram Sicnarf. She’s in disguise due to her recent legal difficulties. It appears she is dangerously close to getting another restraining order.)


Lav: Man, MG! The Murdo reunion parade was way more casual than this Troop’s one.

MG: Yeah…I can’t believe we have to carry our own sign. I asked a couple of those house people to carry it, but they had a coughing fit and didn’t answer me. They must have the day off.


Windy: Where did all these planes come from? We must be getting close. We better land.

Airy: Get us close to the balcony, Windy. I want to hobnob with the royals.


KK: Don’t get your knickers in a twist, sweetheart. I’ll leave as soon as my ride gets here.


Princess Kate: Prince William, do you see that copycat? Do you think she looks more chic in my hat than I do?

Prince William: I just hope The kiddos don’t beg us for a feline!


Pattycake: I’m serving cake at the after the party, party. Queen E. thinks it might rain.


Looks like Charles photo-bombed the after the party, party picture. Where is everybody?


Lav: I don’t think I can walk another step, MG. Did we take a wrong road? I think we got turned around. Can I have a horse like KK?

MG: Hey! Isn’t that Yram who just went by in the back of a police car?


When do we get to color, Mommy?


Airy: Do you think we’ll make it home in time for Tuesday night dinner? I’m hungry!

Windy: Sure thing, airy. I feel the wind beneath my wings.




4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl: The gang troops the colours

  1. sanjuan831 June 27, 2018 / 10:17 pm

    This whole story was so funny! The gang is hilarious.


  2. sanjuan831 June 27, 2018 / 10:16 pm

    I’m speechless. That means I can’t talk, but I can still write. That MG sure is brave to carry that sign in a royal parade! And Lav has a lot of class to help her. Actually, they’re both a royal pain in the… oops gotta go catch a ride. Cheerio.


    • Mary Francis McNinch June 28, 2018 / 9:19 pm

      You can wear those neon green shoes anywhere…and you do…Lav 🙂


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