Murdo Girl…Yram reports on local birthday bash

Hello there! I’m Yram Sicnarf, crack up reporter, extraordinaire. I’m back in Mabank on a special assignment. I have snagged an exclusive with Lindy Bergh and Airy Heart. They are the two pilots who keep showing up in the news. They take folks to England and other places with a royal presence. They used to drive everywhere, but they got too many speeding tickets, so they fly now.

Word has gotten around Mabank that I’m wanted in several states. They assume I am famous not notorious. Really…what’s the difference? Let’s let sleeping dogs lie, if you will. No use going around blabbing about restraining orders and plagiarism charges.

I think I see their airplane! Now where is my microphone and recorder? Oh, here they are. I sure wish I had a photographer. I’m not a very good drawer.

Yram…running up to the airplane just as the engines start up and the propellers start to whirl: Hey! wait for me. I’m Yram Sicnarf the crack up reporter! I’m here to interview you and splash your names all over the front page of every newspaper from Kemp to Eustace!

Lindy Bergh: It’s my birthday. We’re on our way to Jeanette’s house to celebrate. Hop in crack-up. We’ll talk on the way…shoot!


Airy Heart: You can ask me a question. I know everything. That’s just the way I am. I can even play the piano and sing my answers. I made a cherry salad for the party. Everybody loves it. What did you bring? Talk fast…it’s a short flight.

Crack-up, I mean Yram: This plane is flying upside down and headed for the lake. Is there a problem, Lindy Bergh?


Windy Lindy: Oh, am I flying the plane? Hold on, I’ll turn us over. We’re almost there. We’ll land behind Pat’s car.

Windy Lindy, Airy and Yram bounce a couple of times and amazingly, land right behind Pat’s car. Yram grabs her microphone and recorder and they go inside to enjoy all of the festivities.


The article in the next day’s paper:

Windy Lindy’s Birthday Bash, by crack-up reporter, Yram Sicnarf

After a harrowing flight across the mammoth Cedar Creek Lake, this reporter was looking forward to letting her hair down at the much talked about birthday bash for Lindy Bergh.

Here’s how it all went down.

After a delightful potluck luncheon, Lindy opened her cards and blew out her candle. (I couldn’t help but notice nobody showered her with a gift.)

The main event was followed by a rather lengthy discussion on two very interesting topics. *People who faint at the sight of blood, and *How to get out of a speeding ticket. (I tried to bring up restraining orders, but the ladies looked at me like I was from another planet.)

I hung around waiting for Lindy and Airy and finally decided to pick up a few dirty plates. I heard someone say not to worry about the dishes, so I dropped them so fast, every glass on the table rattled.

Guess I’ll head out for parts unknown. I like adventure and adventure likes me. See you around…I wonder which way parts unknown is…

Queen E: Shall we pick her up, Presho Girl?….PG: No, let’s not go there.

Happy Birthday, L J…Looking good!!


2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Yram reports on local birthday bash

  1. scoper07 July 5, 2018 / 9:18 pm

    It is always a pleasure to read about Yram’s ventures. Her friends always have the craziest names doing the craziest things.


    • Mary Francis McNinch July 5, 2018 / 9:34 pm

      I don’t think she really has any friends, 07. She just hangs out with people she thinks are important. 🙂


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