Murdo Girl…Ideas have consequences

I remember watching our granddaughter, Skyler, opening presents on her second birthday. When she got to a book, she opened it and pretended she was reading. “Once upon a time,” she read. Then she closed it and said, “The end!”


Skyler wasn’t interested in the story in the middle. It was more exciting to continue unwrapping all the other packages.

I feel gratified when you Murdo Girl readers go beyond the title of the blog and read the whole thing. I know it’s not all that easy sometimes. In fact, lately, I’ve been suffering from subject matter issues. I’ll admit, the HaHa Sisterhood got to be a little too much, and it’s so time consuming to cut and paste all of those pictures. I’ve given up on that one. Some thought the poem about the hanging was too sad or gruesome. I was going for a wild west type of story. Billy’s birthday songs were pretty well received, but Lav and I thought they were funnier than anyone else did.

The favorites this past week have clearly been the one about the decrepit playground and “Time Out.” Both these stories were about my old hometown of Murdo and the people who lived there many years ago. Sometimes I think if the first and last sentences had Murdo in them, and I threw in a picture, the blog would be a hit no matter what was in the middle.

Token Murdo pictures: Don Edwards and Mari and Eddie Jackson, 2016…Billy and I at the 1991 reunion

If I sound like I’m complaining, I’m really not. I enjoy writing and I love to try new things. The stories about my current life in Mabank, TX are popular as are the blogs I write while we are traveling. People seem to like the funny poems and anytime I write about real people and true life situations, I get good feedback.

I’m currently working on a project that has turned into a labor of love. I started writing picture storybooks about each of my grandchildren. It takes a lot of time, but I’m hoping it will be something they will enjoy and someday they can show their kids my picture storybook about my memories of them.

I’ve also started doing some volunteer work at the library, and we are going to be heading out on our trip the last week of September, so life is busy. More likely than not, I will only be blogging a couple of times a week until we go on our trip and I start writing about our daily travel experiences.

Below is an excerpt from Grandson, Mason’s book…


I hope this doesn’t sound to you like psychobabble.
But that young man was a whiz at scrabble.
I challenged the words that I was willing to bet,
He wouldn’t find on the internet.
It worked quite well since we had no dictionary,
But when the Internet went down, I was very wary.
“Would you cheat?” I asked and saw him grin.
 Or will you be a good boy and let your grandma win?
“Aw-Shucks,” he said. I’m not that kind of kid.
I can’t help that I’m as bright as a proplyd*.”
He won playing cards, and bought the board in Monopoly.
And how to hit a golf ball, is still a mystery to me.
(Look up proplyd on the internet.)
He couldn’t be having fun, I thought. He’s so good and I’m so bad.
I was about to give it up, when I heard him tell his dad,
“I like that Grandma plays with us, she loses without crying,
And she never, ever does give up. She just keeps on trying.”
You’re probably wondering what it takes to be an Aw-Shucks kid.
 I’ll tell you about the next few years. You’ll understand…..I did.



Aw-Shucks kids are wise beyond their years.
They aren’t really looking for loud applause and cheers.
So if you see an Aw-Shucks kid, just know you can replace,
A pat on their back with a smile on your face.

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  1. sanjuan831 August 9, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    You have talent which shows no matter what the subject. I do like the travel blogs and Murdo stories. Where are you heading on this adventure starting the end of September?


  2. countrygirl57 August 9, 2018 / 6:06 pm

    Everything you write is great – some are just greater than others!! 👍❤️

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