Murdo Girl…Grace Place?

This is Ellie-Essie. My name is really Ellie, but Pearl calls me Essie, and if you know Pearl, you can’t change a single thought that goes through her head. She just can’t remember people’s names, that’s all. She even named her own dog after herself. She thought it would make it easier for everybody to remember the dog’s name, but now we have to go through all this, Pearl the human, and Pearl the dog, stuff so everybody will know who we are telling them about. That’s why I shortened my name to Lese.

Anyway, you are not going to believe what Pearl the human and Grace are up to, now. It turns out their six month lease on Pearl’s Busy Nest wasn’t redeemable. I’m glad I wasn’t there when the lady from the city came over to tell Pearl. I heard she pitched a fit and the lady fell in it, (figuratively speaking). Pearl can make you feel pretty beat-up with her words, even though she doesn’t curse. She doesn’t even have to yell loud. Pearl says the louder you yell, the less people hear you. She learned that when she had her beauty shop. I don’t remember the story, but I think it had something to do with a lady who yelled “What!” five times when she was under a noisy hairdryer.

Uh oh…here comes Pearl and Grace. They’re sure to interrupt my thinking. Oh, well. I have to take Pearl the dog outside, anyway.

Grace: But I don’t want to leave town, Pearl. I like living above the store, and you have to admit, we sure would miss Lese.

Pearl: Who is that?

Grace: It’s Ellie only you call her Essie, she’s referred to around town as Ellie-Essie, so she shortened it to Lese.

Pearl: Lese-Essie’s mamma works all hours of the day and night, and the poor girl is always with us, anyway. Besides, Grace, we’re only moving a little ways out of Murdo. I’m tired of the city life. I want to live on a ranch. I have a desire to let dirt run through my fingers…Just as long as it doesn’t ruin my manicure. I want to ride horses and eat fresh veggies from our own garden. (I like them lightly sauteed. Can you saute, Grace?) I want to know what it’s like to milk a steer and be out in the sunshine and fresh air for a couple of hours every day. Remind me to buy some stylish hats. What do ya think pardner? Are ya feeling the wanderlust?


Grace: Will I get to hear cockadoodledoo every morning at the crack of dawn? Can I have lots of roosters and collect the fresh eggs that haven’t been eaten by snakes and then go to bed early like the chickens do? …..I’m not doing that! No wanderlusting.

Pearl: Well, It’s too late! I already put a down-payment on a nice little ranch. You are just going to love it! It has its own little pond and a barn.

Grace: Really? What’s the house like?

Pearl: We are going to convert the hayloft in the barn…but never mind all that. I’m naming the ranch after you.

Grace: Really? Please don’t tell me you’re naming it Graceland!

Pearl: Of course not, Grace. We’re going to call it “Grace Place.” I think I can remember that. Now let’s start packing! I’m so excited, Grace! we are going to have almost a full acre of land! do you know how much land that is, Grace? Because I don’t.

How they see it, Pearl’s future loft?   How it is…I wouldn’t miss this.

2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Grace Place?

  1. sanjuan831 August 18, 2018 / 6:35 pm

    Grace Place is a beautiful name.
    Almost as pretty as Green Acres.


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