Murdo Girl…But who is counting?

Hold everything! This is not a rerun. It is a new display from my incomparable  collection of worldly water towers. With over one hundred thirty-four and one half highly respectable receptacles in my portfolio, this collection has really increased the value of the Murdo Girl branding.


The Sunflouwa-flower Tower
Submitted by Dianna Diehm… a fabulous photographer and friend
This water tower is truly out standing in its field. “Off in the distance” is a perfect location, location, location for this rather indistinguishable WT. The value is in the beauty of the landscape. For sentimental reasons, I added Sunflouwa when naming the tower to represent Mom’s favorite Glen Campbell song. She loved the way he twanged the word sunflower, making it sound like,”Sunflouwa.”
Thank you, Dianna, for this beauty!
1-20180829_184650 (2)
The Crown of Beastertown
Given to me last year by my dear friend, Sherri Miller, this well designed tower doesn’t hold water, but it sure makes the little burg look cute. The rabbitants are good with little bowls of H2O strategically placed around town so storing water hasn’t really been an issue until lately when Betsy’s Hare-dos opened up. It’s difficult to fix a do on a hare without water. So far, we’ve managed with wishing well water, but I’m sure we’ll have to do whatever we have to do for Betsy to continue to do her dos.
No No No
See? If you make one exception to the rules, people take advantage. This entrant doesn’t begin to meet my high water tower standards. The submitter can expect a blistering letter from my “Watered Down” Department… Pretty picture, though…
Orange and Black Fight Fight
Submitted by Lewis Williams
Beat up, bent up, and that name must be graffiti. Who would do that to a 1970’s orange and black water tower that has already been humiliated by having to hold a saline solution. I’m seriously considering hauling this WT to Murdo to place near the burning M on homecoming just in case the fire doesn’t burn out in time for the snake dance. It might help me fight for an orange and black comeback.
1880’s Ladies
I picked up these two beauties last summer when Kip and I visited the 1880’s town west of Murdo. SEE THERE’S KIP! He’s standing sort of in the middle. It was hotter than fire that day. An ice-cold Sarsaparilla was the only thing that saved me.
Well my water tower followers, this has to be a short one. Kip and I spent a long day in Dallas with a couple of super special people and it’s time to call it a night.

3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…But who is counting?

  1. scoper07 August 31, 2018 / 9:25 pm

    Nice pictures! I like all the sunflowers. I think the ranchers were just starting to grow sunflowers about the time I left.


  2. Dianna Diehm August 31, 2018 / 10:30 am

    Love this post!!! Also love your kind comments Cimosabe!


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