Murdo Girl…Dear Lav

When we last saw MG and Lav, they were under Grandpa’s trees looking through the contents of a time capsule. They were about to open two letters from their mothers.
Lav: Should we open them, MG? Maybe we’re not supposed to.
MG: Open it Lav, I promise that you won’t get into trouble.
Lav in her paper cup dress
My dear daughter,
     If you are reading this, then you must be at least sixty. If I know you, I’m sure you stumbled onto this accidentally and wanted to know if you were “allowed” to open it. Let me just say. “You did the right thing.” 
MG’s mom, Loretta with Lav’s dad, Al Leckey and Lav’s son, Mattew
     Your Dad is doing well. He spends a lot of time making sauerkraut just like when we lived in Pennsylvania. I do a lot of shopping and you’ll be surprised to learn I never take anything back. Money is not an issue here. I saw our old dog, Midnight, the other day. He still knows all the tricks your Dad taught him. Remember when he was told to sit up on his back haunches and your dad put a bone on his paws? Midnight wouldn’t touch it until Al said he could? That dog drooled all over creation while he waited. It must have seemed like forever.
     Tell my granddaughter, Caitlin, I’m glad she has my fur coat. She looks just beautiful in it and it never gets cold here anyway. Did I splurge on that when I came back to Murdo for Grandma’s funeral or Grandpa’s? I’ll have to ask them.
Cousin Sue, Aunt Helen, Cousin Trice (Haverberg), Lav, and her mom, my Aunt Ella (Leckey) in her Mary Poppins dress
     Loretta is telling me I must hurry, though I don’t know why. This was her idea. I think she misses talking on the phone.
     We don’t gossip here, which wasn’t really my thing, but Loretta is having difficulty filling the void. I miss seeing all the new cars. I love a nice car.
No dear…Nice cars. Not your Uncle Jeff’s Jeep.
My (MG’s) Mom, Loretta, reading to my cousin, Blakes daughter, Mckenna and Lav’s daughter, Caitlin
     On the “bright light” side, I look and feel wonderful! This is the life! Uh, afterlife. Let me see… What else…Grandma said to tell you when you make a cherry pie, remember to use sour cherries.
Lav eating pie in Kip and Mary’s RV
My mind is up in the clouds, but I think you have a birthday coming up. I’ll send you a birthday card..I mean a sign. Watch for it.
Here is a joke Grandpa wants me to tell you…
Grandpa Sanderson loved telling stories
clean funny short modest family jokes p23
( This is pretend. Loretta and I wrote this to tease all of you kids. I’m sure you found it the very next day. I just went along. Don’t tell Mary, or Yram or MG or whatever she calls herself. Loretta will kill me!)
Lav's proud mother, Ella
Beautiful Ella Leckey at the cabin

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  1. sanjuan831 September 21, 2018 / 9:08 pm

    Awww, this brought real tears. MG- you sure do know my Mom, Dad and your Mom and all the history behind their lives! And Grandpa! Simply beautiful how Lav and MG found the time capsule and that touching letter.


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