Murdo Girl…SD, ND, and BP

This morning we left our beautiful spot on the Missouri River and headed toward North Dakota. We drove on two lane highways and passed by corn fields ready to be harvested for stock feed and sunflower fields that were dried up and ready to harvest for the seeds. We experienced a little rain and our first skiff of snow, but those things are tolerable in the absence of wind. We stopped in the little town of Napoleon and had gourmet cheeseburgers on homemade buns with sweet potato fries. We didn’t see many cars or people anywhere we went today. We decided we just might be the only ones taking this route to Maine.

SD this morning…ND this afternoon

We are rethinking the Rte 2, route. It’s pretty far north and though there are some things we still want to see up there, we’re going to be a little more selective. One deciding factor is we are finding it difficult to locate full service RV parks that aren’t closed for the season. We will skip going up to Devil’s Lake. My brother was there on a fishing trip a couple of weeks ago, so I’ll look at his pictures.

We are in Jamestown, ND tonight. This place has an albino buffalo. I’ll get a picture in the morning. Louis L’Amour’s writing shack is here and there is a wild animal museum that sounds interesting. The weather wasn’t very conducive to running around, but we managed to get fuel, get groceries, and walk the dogs before settling in for the night in our cozy RV, SeeYa.

We will head east tomorrow and go through Fargo and on into Minnesota. We’ll still, eventually, take Rte 2 and go up around the Great Lakes and Niagara falls. We don’t know when we’ll get to Maine, but I’m sure the trees and the leaves will still be beautiful.

Every day is a new day and we have a new experience. We love this life on the road, and as long as family and friends keep us in the loop, we can relax and be grateful for this time to see new places and do different things.

Our animals are the best! I never would have imagined the three dogs and even the cat would be such great travelers. All four of them have been with us on all of our trips.

Cyndie likes to ride where my feet should be.

That brings you up to date, but I want to mention one other thing. Have you tried Patti La Belle’s bread pudding? They sell it at Walmart. I was never a real bread pudding fan, until my friend, Barbara, and I tried french toast made with bread pudding at a restaurant in Galveston. It was so yummy, I decided to try Patti’s. It’s sinful, but I highly recommend it. Her peach cobbler is delish, too!

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  1. sanjuan831 October 6, 2018 / 4:07 pm

    Never heard that term, “Skiff Of Snow”. You’re making good progress. I Have a good friend who is from North Dakota.
    Your dogs are probably getting lots of attention and they love those walks.


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