Murdo Girl…Angels at her wedding

Oh, I believe there are angels among us,

Sent down from up above

To guide us with the light of love.


After Carrie and Steve were married, there was one more thing to do.

Stop by the little church where her grandparents had said, “I do.”

Seventy-one years had passed since they were joined in matrimony.

Today, she hoped they’d watched over her wedding ceremony.

She was standing there with Steve, the true love of her life,

On the church steps where they’d stood. The moment felt so right.

Her grandparent’s wedding photo captured their love for eternity.

Would her love and Steve’s show through, for all the world to see?

They had not married where her grandparent’s vows were spoken.

And all who knew them also knew, those vows had not been broken.

Recreating the wedding picture taken all those years in the past

Carrie and Steve just knew their happiness would last.

Carrie’s grandparents, Ted and Arlyne Brown, (below), were married at the First United Methodist Church in Pierre, SD. You can see the church steps in the background. After the wedding, they took a train to Wyoming for their honeymoon. They settled in Presho, SD.


Carrie and Steve, seventy-one years later. (Look closely at the photograph.)

Was there another angel watching? It was just a month since he had passed.

He was the father of the bride. His time with her had gone so fast.

The orbs of light shined on Steve (a message?) “One day, please take my daughter’s hand.”

And dance the Father’s dance for me. Oh, that would be so grand.”

Tell her that I love her and wish I could have given her away.

And if she ever needs me, I’ll be one bright light away.


How would she ever know for sure if it was them who came

To share those bonds of love she felt, the day she took Steve’s name.

Little did she know… it would quickly be revealed

They were all nearby. They could not have been concealed.

She looked at the photographs, taken on that day

And knew they shared her joy, and would never be far away.

You can clearly see the colorful orbs in both of the photographs of Carrie and Steve. It could have been the sun, but all who were there, felt it was more…this poem was inspired by Nancy Authier’s accounting of her niece’s wedding. Ted and Arlyne Brown were Nancy’s parents.