Murdo Girl…Happy Birthday, Elvis

Do you remember where you were when you heard Elvis Presley had died?

I was eight months pregnant with my youngest son, and working at a bank in Gillette, Wyoming. I remember walking into the house after work and flipping on the television. My mind was on the only thing I had craved for nine months…a hot dog sliced up in cottage cheese with pepper.

All of a sudden, the newscaster broke in and said Elvis was dead. I was in shock and wasn’t feeling so well myself. (Later, John Grisset wrote a book by that title.)

There was a short little lady who worked in the bookkeeping department at the bank who, like many others, went into full mourning. Somehow, overnight, she found a black, Elvis-like jumpsuit with rhinestones. She wore it for a week. I think the bank was grateful she even came to work. A couple of her friends sent beautiful bouquets of flowers.

His concert on Rapid City two months before he died. This brought years…

One of Elvis’ last concerts was in Rapid City, SD, which is not far from Gillette. She wore the fact that she had been there, as a badge of honor.

We’re on our way to an appointment in Athens, but I wanted to share my memories of Elvis, today, on what would have been the King’s 84th birthday.

I was pretty vested in Elvis, myself. When I was growing up in Murdo, I had paid the twenty-five cents to go to every one of his movies that came to the Murdo show house.

I don’t think Elvis was meant to be eighty-four. I’m just glad his awesome music lives on!