Murdo Girl…Back to the Brickhouse

Things have changed since the old Brickhouse days, when Murdo Girl was Next Pres and Lav was Next Vice Pres. Back then, they reigned over a place called Murdo’elot as well as a few surrounding counties. They occupied the old Murdo High School building and renamed it the Brickhouse.

The next admin filled all the usual government positions with one big difference. They weren’t paid a dime, which came close to what they were worth. Nevertheless, they were hard working and loyal, albeit two cards shy of a full deck.

Eventually, they all followed their own dreams and were scattered to the winds.

Lav wound up in Palm Springs. Today, we find her lounging by the pool at a luxury hotel. Looks like she’s landed on her feet and prospered. She’s even getting a shoulder massage.

(A man comes through the patio doors. He’s carrying a phone and hands it to Lav.)

“You have a phone call,” he says. “Aren’t you supposed to be cleaning motel rooms?”

Lav picks up the phone.

“Hello, who is this?”

A little while later, we zoom in on a beautiful horse ranch. Is that TC (TownCrier)? Looks like she’s traded her cheese head in for a Stetson. Does she own all those beautiful horses in the huge corral? Why is she holding a microphone? Uh, oh, looks like she’s an auctioneer. I bet that gives new meaning to the phrase, “For crying out loud.” When someone brings her a telephone, she forgets to turn off her mic.


Now where are we going?

It appears we’re headed to a well known art gallery. It seems that a well known photographic drawer is showing her works. Also in the room, is a lesser known photographic drawer who is with some reporter trying to get an interview with the famous person. The phone rings and we hear, “Is there a PG and a crack -up reporter in the house?”

(Below is PG…the insert on the left is Yram Sicnarf, crack-up reporter, on the right, is an example of PG’S photographic drawing genius.)

The day goes on…and on…and on. Each place we go, we run into old Brickhouse personnel, and a few extras, getting what appears to be an important phone call from someone who has yet to be identified. It’s kind of like Charlie’s Angels, only without Charlie and the angels.

Who is the person on the other end of the telephone? What do they want with this motley crew.

Who is flying this airplane?

Who am I?

Who are Patty Cake, KK, DM, Treason, Jerry the Bean Counter, and PICO?

I’m Patty Cake. I don’t like this job. I’d rather serve cake.

I’m KK (Kodak Kadoka) I take awesome pictures of still life. If something is moving, PG draws it!

The pilots are Airy Heart, and Windy Lindy Berg.

The truck driver is A I, Aggressive Informant.

The dog’s name is Arf. He’s on the run!

We’re still trying to hunt down Treason, PICO, and Jerry the Bean Counter.

The Queen finds us no matter where we go.

Look out, Murdo’elot, I think they’re headed your way….but why?

One thought on “Murdo Girl…Back to the Brickhouse

  1. scoper07 January 23, 2019 / 7:42 pm

    You have quite a talented gaggle of personnel for this new project MG! It will be interesting to see if Yram can stay in line. Best of luck with this bunch.


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