Murdo Girl…Going to the dogs

We took our three aging dogs to have their teeth cleaned, yesterday. They were anesthetized so they felt no pain during or after the procedure. I should allow spellcheck to change that to pricedure. The dogs are fine, but Kip and I are in excruciating pain. It hurts to spit nails.

When we went to pick our babies up, the nice girl at the front desk said Pattie lost one tooth and Sammie lost four. Cyndie has great teeth, but her gums were slightly irritated.

We listened to the rundown and then Kip bellied up to the counter and asked,”How much?”

I never realized how two words could clear a room so fast. Suddenly, the poor receptionist was the only one to be seen. She must have drawn the short straw. All the other helpers became busy elsewhere. Even the two people waiting to buy flea pills ran out when they heard the amount.

I’m not going to tell you how much we paid, but if you see a for sale sign in my Jeep, you’ll know why.

The whole experience reminds me of the time we paid $300.00 to have a bladder stone removed from our son’s 3 foot long, iguana. The vet wanted to know if she could keep it. She said she rarely had the opportunity to operate on an iguana. Kip kept the costly stone in a jar for years. It’s gone now. A casualty of minimalization.

If you’re tempted to ask us why we don’t inquire about the vet fee ahead of time, bite your tongue. Nobody likes to look foolish in front of their friends. And if you ask us what we paid, we’ll have to reconsider our friendship. No one likes to appear stupid, either.

Yes our dogs can chew steak now… however, we’ll all be eating beans. That is, everyone but the vet. When you have three dogs, they see you coming. We all left with our tails between our legs.

4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Going to the dogs

  1. sanjuan831 April 9, 2019 / 9:24 pm

    Caitlin always brushed Nincompoop’s teeth with special dog toothpaste. Also, trimmed her nails – claws in dog speak – with special clippers. I can tell you more, but think you need more time to recuperate. Take two aspirin and call the vet in the morning. Any Senior discounts?


  2. Vv April 9, 2019 / 7:15 pm

    Teeth cleaning tale made me smile, actually giggle.
    Been there…..more than once with just 1 dog. $ not $$$.
    Looking forward to more puppy stories.


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