Murdo Girl…Resourceful reading

I just happened to be looking through some books at the local resource center the other day and picked out four books that, for one reason or another, caught my eye. When I got home with them, I was pleasantly surprised that only one of them was a throw-away. The name of it is, Horns & Wrinkles, which sounded to me like it might be about mean, old people. I could really get into the psychology of that, but it turned out to be about trolls. I don’t know anything about trolls, so I went on to book number two, which is called, “The History of Farting.” I gave that one to a friend only because she knows someone who is fascinated with farting, (true story), and she’s going to give it to her as a special gift. I know she appreciated the gesture. It’s hard to find the perfect gift. (I did leaf through it a bit and it looks like it was well researched.)

The third book, God Save the Sweet Potato Queens, is a keeper if only because of the title. I think it’s a true story, and I like humorous stories that are nonfiction. I also have a special affinity to Queendom of any kind. There is a chapter called Death-Defying Recipes, so named because many of the dishes are made for funerals. We all know funeral food is usually some of the best you’ll ever eat. Remember the Methodist Church Basement cooks I talk about in my stories? They serve only the best casseroles. I was once kicked out of the church kitchen for daring to suggest using instant potatoes to top the highly appropriate for funeral fare… shepherd’s pie. By the way, after reading some of the recipe’s, I agree that some of them can serve a dual purpose. If there is a Horned and Wrinkled person in your life, with a bad heart, and they happen to be rich, and you are the heir, it could also hasten someone’s demise. They can’t put you in the penitentiary for serving a casserole with a pound of bacon and a bottle of mayo in it…can they?

Now to the fourth book. It’s a real winner and worth ten times the amount I paid for all four books. I have two author/heroines now. The book I picked up is called, Forever Erma, and it’s a collection of the best of Erma Bombeck. What a talented humorist…the book is 273 pages of hilarity.

Anyway, she  about how enterprising one of her children was when he was little. He sold his parent’s cancelled checks door to door and figured out if he sneezed on his brother’s cupcake, he could get an extra serving of dessert. I have no idea why this print turned red, but I’ve tried three times to turn it back to black and it’s not working. I have to leave now, anyway. I volunteered to help with a field day at the library. This is my second day to help 60 seven year old kids make things they swing in the air. There are a lot of parts, glue and rubber bands involved. I’m sure the moms will love them.

Have a great day. The print turned black again…go figure!

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  1. countrygirl57 April 12, 2019 / 9:03 am

    Great story! I love Erma Bombeck! 👍👍

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