Murdo Girl…I’m almost ready

The only thing I dislike more than cleaning is having a dirty house. The one thing I got used to during my recent health issues, is people coming over and seeing my house a dirty mess. That’s when company usually comes anyway, right? They never pop in when you’ve just sterilized the place. I realized I didn’t have to let it bother me. I now love having people drop in to visit.My mother once said to put get well cards on your fireplace mantle and other places even if you haven’t been sick. People will understand why they can write their name on your furniture. She also said to limp and hold a cold cloth to your head, but I think that’s going a little too far. Another idea is to throw sheets over all of your furniture and tell everyone you’re getting ready to paint. How about having some toys and crackers on the floor and then saying your neighbor with six kids just left, or put a hat on and carry your purse and say you were just about to leave. I may never clean my house again…even though I have every cleaning product known to man. I also have three vacuums, two swifters, two sponge mops, one small string mop (I need a big one), and a combination floor/rug cleaner.I took the bait when I saw the thingy on TV that you attach to your vacuum hose and it’s supposed to reach all the way into your dryer vent. It didn’t work.I can’t get a window clean to save my soul. I’ve tried newspaper, a squeegee, vinegar and as a last resort, I even tried windex.Well, now that I’ve drug everything out, I’m too tired. I’ll leave it out until tomorrow, just in case company comes.One other thing. Never shove things in closets, drawers and under the bed when you see someone pull into your driveway. Kip and I are still looking for things we stuffed different places last time, and the car only pulled into our driveway to turn around.

Mom would be proud.Seriously…come and see me anytime!

3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…I’m almost ready

  1. scoper07 July 31, 2019 / 2:52 pm

    My dad said he would stand by a doorway that had a frame and he would place his hand on the top of the door frame. He would stand that way as if he were leaning on the door way. If there was no dust he knew it was a clean house.


    • Mary Francis McNinch July 31, 2019 / 4:38 pm

      You’re kidding, right? My doors always had black marks all over them from the boys jumping up and hitting them as they walked through.


      • scoper07 July 31, 2019 / 5:25 pm

        I think he was kidding.


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