Murdo Girl…Diamond Jubilee, 1981

The picture below is of my uncles (Jeff and Wayne) having coffee. Uncle Wayne is the one who looks like he would rather be someplace else.

When I was growing up, Jeff Sanderson and his family lived next to Grandpa and Grandma on the north side, and Uncle Wayne Sanderson and his family lived next to them on the south side.

My guess is they were at Murdo’s 1981 Diamond Jubilee (75 years).


Jeff: Here we are Wayne, having coffee. It’s the day of the Jubilee. Folks will be here from all over. It’ll be a good time you will see.

Wayne: I’ve got chores I should have done, Jeff. If it rains, I’m up a creek. The road I’m building will be all muddy and stay that way clear through next week.

Jeff: I think you need to take today off. You work too hard for a man your age. Dad retired when he was younger. He couldn’t wait to turn the page.

Wayne: He would have made a fortune fishing… if he’d been paid an hourly wage.


Jeff: Well, I can’t just sit here any longer. My day is really getting full. Come to the Jubilee Parade. I’ll be on a horse. I’m the Grand Marshal.

Wayne: I’ll be sure to be there, Jeff… I’ve taken what you’ve said to heart. There is one thing I won’t be missing. What time does tonight’s dance start? (He was a great dancer.)





The above photographs were in the July 2, 1981 Murdo Coyote Newspaper. It was given to Mom and Gus by Lynn Brost Miles.

Over 1700 people attended the Diamond Jubilee Celebration. The parade theme was memories, fun, and the future. Everyone was entertained by a rodeo, an air show, sky divers, two dances, a picnic, class get-togethers, and more. A good time was had by all.


Wayne Sanderson built roads. I remember his huge heavy equipment. He and Aunt Emily retired (sort of) and had a beautiful place on the White River. I think he grew corn for Mom to steal.

Jeff Sanderson owned Sanderson’s Store for years, and later worked for West Central Electric. He did so much for the community, such as start and run the boys baseball program, that Murdo had a Jeff Sanderson Day to show their appreciation.

It was good to remember them, today. I’m glad I ran across the picture.

Queen E: Have you seen my pom poms? I’m in the parade.


3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Diamond Jubilee, 1981

  1. Vik October 3, 2019 / 1:48 pm

    Question – are those Methodist Ladies eating???


  2. sanjuan831 October 3, 2019 / 8:40 am

    MG- This is priceless! I kinda remember hearing about the Diamond Jubilee. Wasn’t Uncle Wayne in another parade as grand marshal riding in a car? Not a red convertible but a car that was older and more conservative. My Mom kept me up on all these Murdo milestones.
    Why weren’t you there?


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