Murdo Girl…And the winners are…

I’m really worried about Joe Namath. He just recently found out that he wasn’t using all of his Medicare benefits. Someone told him to call the Medicare hotline, so he did. Lo and behold, he had no idea that Medicare would actually send someone to drive him to his medical appointments and he could also get help around the house. When I see Joe on television talking about this, I can tell he’s greatly relieved.

I’ve also seen Tom Selleck on television selling reverse equity mortgages. I’m sure he has one. He must be so relieved he doesn’t have to pay the money back until he moves out of his house…or dies. I wonder what he did with all the cash he pulled out. I believe he said he payed off bills. Cops don’t make that much money you know, and he has a big family.

I can sort of understand Matthew McConaughey doing an ad for Lincoln Aviator. He gets to use his mesmerizing voice and look cool. I really like the one where he’s staring down the bull. He probably gets paid a lot for that one.

Well, Kip and I have both been feeling sickly today. I’m feeling a little better, which is good since I have my big drawing tonight. I hope I can stay up until 8:00 o’clock. I think I’ll wait and publish this blog after I draw the names. So far, I’ll be giving away five books.


Barbara Spahlinger

Jean Penticoff

Nancy Authier

Jean Robinson

Kerri Venard

Please send me an email ( Let me know which book you want and where to send it!

I hope you enjoy your pick. Thank you all for participating.

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