Murdo Girl…Kicking off the holidays

You’ll say, “It’s not even Thanksgiving, yet. Please tell me you did not forget! Christmas things all have to stay… in boxes that are packed away. What is this world coming to? Is there something we can do?”

I’ve decided to be flexible. On turkey day I’ll be too full to climb the ladder by myself and put nutcrackers on the shelf.

When I’ve finished with that task I’ll take a moment to relax. Should I go all the way and decorate the tree today?

I’ll get extension cords and batteries, and things with lots of calories. I’ll put tea lights in small vases…scented pinecones in other places.

This is the plan that I’ll pursue, but I have something to tell you. I do things somewhat reversed. I always decorate me first.

(Living the dream will continue tomorrow!)